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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hello From The Big Easy

Hello from New Orleans!!

It's been a long time since I've had internet access and this is exactly why I don't like technology, because as soon as you don't have it, you start going into withdrawl. :) So, now that I'm connected, let me sum up my New Orleans experience for you.

Luggage lost!!! However.....
My hotel is about three blocks from Bourbon St. and right in the middle of everything. The food is incredible, and the jazz bands that hang out on the streets are pretty cool too. I don't have internet access and since my luggage was lost, and since my cell-phone charger was in my luggage, I didn't have phone access for a while either. It was refreshing!! It was like living in the 1980's for a couple of days. *Aside: Brooke, my I've been apologetically pleading with my pencil to come back* Anyway, I got my luggage back on day 2, and some of my stuff was stolen out of it (thank goodness not my cell phone charger - the '80's fun only lasts so long). But, I'm having an overall good time, and have managed to have some good food (which you all know I like), some good experiences, and hopefully *fingers crossed* some good pictures. But welcome to 2005. I'm now on the internet (the twitching from withdrawl has subsided) at the tune of $8/hr, and drinking some weird water with "lemon" and Splenda (I obviously don't believe the whole lemon claim). So you see that although I have been relaxing the last several days in New Orleans, 1989, I'm now back in a mall in 2005.

More when I return to Michigan...
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I'm not sure that water really needs either lemon or splenda. It tastes just like water without. I'm especially disturbed by the splenda. I'm so excited that you're coming!! and I'm also very excited that you have a blog and we can stay up to date on each other like this. Also excited that you posted today, I was beginning to think the blog was just a way to tease me. Finally, jealous that you're in New Orleans.

20/4/05 21:45  

I can picture it all perfectly. Julie in New Orleans with no cell phone, no internet access and no luggage, walking down Bourbon Street with a pencil in one hand and a weird waters with "lemon" and Spenda in the other and a disposable camera on a string around her neck.

Picture Perfect.

21/4/05 12:17  

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