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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Random Goal #1:

There's this Chopin Barcrolle that I absolutely adore and can't play. I took 14 years of private, classical piano. And yet, I have not even attempted to play this piece. Of course, I don't have a piano available to me, nor do I have the structure of lessons, but it is a goal of mine to learn the Barcrolle. And if that means that I have to go back to lessons, I will. And if that means that I'm going to have to slip into my parents' house and steal their piano (which is actually one of my favoritest objects on Earth), than so be it. The song must be learned.

I'm interested in hearing other people random goals... Yes this is a shameless ploy to get you all to comment on my blog, but ploy or not, I want to know everyone else's goals.
posted by Julie at 11:10 AM


I assume by random goal, you mean something that doesn't have to do with career goals? Unfortunately, most of my creative goals are sort of career goals too. Example: I want to design a cool wrap to wear over tank tops that's not too hot but takes the look away from skankville, where it would be with the top alone. But, that's a career goal too, because if I did design something, I would want to submit the pattern for publishing, etc. Okay, long winded, I know, anyway, I'm not sure if I have any goals that I want just for themselves. You've got me thinking on this one.

27/4/05 14:24  

I hear ya on this one. One of my goals in life is being able to both juggle and ride a unicycle at the same time. Don't ask me why. I do not work at a circus, nor do I have any desire whatsover... I've just always thought it be cool to do.

Gotta have goals like this in life. Keeps things simple :-)

27/4/05 21:29  

I read a book about an circus acrobat when I was about 11, and ever since, I've wanted to work for the circus.

28/4/05 08:32  

Okay, I've got it. I want to be able to do that thing that syncronized swimmers can do where they're half out of the water just by kicking they're legs. That is a completely random goal with no other purpose than it would be fun.

28/4/05 11:37  

A worthy goal indeed. We'll have to practice that next week when I come out.

28/4/05 11:45  

I may be wrong about whether you'll be able to swim or not. I went out earlier and stuck my feet in and they went numb. The water is definately not keeping up with the weather temperature-wise. But if you can brave it, I'm willing to kick for all I'm worth.

28/4/05 18:18  

I want to be a PEZ for a day.

28/4/05 23:59  

My goal right now is to get in a boxing match with Ashley Esslinger and woop him!

29/4/05 10:41  

Brooke - a PEZ or a PEZ Dispenser?

Tifani - I've got my $$ on you *wink*

29/4/05 12:07  

I want to memorize all the numbers of pie. That's random.

2/5/05 14:12  


That's as far as my calculator would go. I memorized it in H.S. for some odd reason.

A couple of years ago I was in the 'City (NYC) and saw a guy playing two guitars, a harmonica, and a drum... all at the same time. He was a one-man band and it sounded awesome.

I would like to do that someday.

3/5/05 00:17  

Which Aaron are you? Can you sign it with your last initial?? :)

5/5/05 00:16  

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