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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I've Got A Crush... On A State (?)

I'm so homesick. It's a very strange feeling to be homesick. It's kind of like having a crush on home. You hang on every word that is said about home, you think about it all the time, even when you know you should be thinking about other things, you talk about it until you about drive your friends (and your husband nuts). You fantasize about moving back, where you're going to live, and what you'll life will look like. Every time you go home you get a huge lump in your throat when you leave.... Yep. I've got a crush on Michigan.

Last weekend, Brian and I were at his parents' house near Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids has never been home to me, although I went there often enough when I was at Michigan State (often to see my other crush - Brian). And it just felt right. It looked right, it smelled right, the noises were right... it was just... right. The stores at the mall were all my stores that I grew up with. The problems people faced were all my problems that I grew up with. The clothes that people wore were all my clothes... It just seemed so familiar and like I didn't need try to fit in because I did. Just naturally.

Anyway, I feel like I've been talking about being homesick more often than normal. And I also feel like a teenage girl whose friends are tired of listening to her gab about the latest and greatest thing that her crush did. But we've decorated for Christmas now, and even the biggest humbug has to admit that places feel more like home with lights and tinsel and garland.
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I know exactly what you mean. Somehow, things that never mattered when you lived there, seem so important now. The other day, I was even feeling proud that MI has TWO of the top most dangerous cities. Whoo! We are hardcore. How sad is that?

But home is also the home you're making right now with Brian, any you'll get an even bigger lump in your throat leaving there if you ever move. I know abou that too now.

Also, you should post pictures of your Christmas decorations. I'm going to go steal a stapler from the front desk and make a paper chain for our room. :D

30/11/07 09:19  

And, since I live here, I say, "Come on Home, Girl!"

1/12/07 21:47  


In my husbands words, "You compare Indiana with Kansas a lot"

3/12/07 22:57  

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