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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


OK, so we don't have any earth-shattering news. I just thought I'd say that and see if people are intrigued. Feel free to let me know [shameless plug to see who all is reading my blog] if it worked.

BUT! I do have some news items. If there is new that can shatter the earth, our news could probably shatter an egg shell (if even that exciting), but here is our news anyway.

That's it.

posted by Julie at 1:07 PM


haha, I was guessing it was a baby ;)

29/8/07 14:24  

LOL! Nope. Puppy. LOL!

29/8/07 16:40  

yes, you should post pics of the quilt. i can't wait to see it!

and a new puppy is pretty big news. would it be indoor or out?

30/8/07 09:55  

I think both. If we got one of Trent and Heidi's it wouldn't be the kind of dog that couldn't spend a few days outside, but just because we live in a neighborhood, it's less hassle to keep your pets indoors where they aren't being bugged all the time by everyone else's pets (or getting sick from everyone else's pets). We (or I should say "I"?) want a playmate for Sam too, so he would probably be inside often since Sam can't live outside.

30/8/07 13:31  

aw, I want a puppy. And a three seasons room. I hope you get to get a puppy!

4/9/07 10:54  

Not so much jealous of the puppy (not that puppies aren't cute), but the three seasons room ... that one it's a bit harder to not be jealous of. :P

4/9/07 11:46  

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