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Monday, December 03, 2007

The Newest Member Of Our Family... er... Pack

This is Maggie. She is (don't tell Brian I said this) a mutt. She's mostly lab and boxer, yeah... a mutt. I like her better for it. Sam's doing better than anyone thought he would. He's cranky and tries to make sure Maggie know that she's inferior, but what's new??

Yes, we're crazy for getting a new puppy that we have to take out in the middle of the night in December, but yeah... that's us. A little crazy.

So, meet Maggie. More to come.
posted by Julie at 9:23 PM



I begged Vince to get a puppy after I heard that you guys got another one. He said no.

I think I'm going to get one anyway and hide it under the bed.

3/12/07 22:52  

Oh, she IS so cute!

4/12/07 09:03  

Brooke: LOL!!! We lost Maggie a few days ago and found her in the coat closet.

4/12/07 11:41  

She's cute... I think I can handle her for a week and a half. When can I come over to see her?

4/12/07 22:15  

I tagged you for a blog game!
Oh, and tell Brian I tagged him too. He has to update or he's coming off my blogs to check list. :D

5/12/07 13:36  

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