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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Speaking of Unobservant...

My friend, Aaron (must clarify: I have about 5 friends named Aaron, this particular Aaron is the one that goes to Nebraska), has a knack of getting himself into... "situations". Here's the latest.

Last weekend, Aaron walked into a public bathroom that was empty and chose... (well, which stall would any of us choose?) the handicapped stall. While he was in the handicapped stall he heard the door open, and a wheelchair roll in. Feeling extremely ashamed *aside - you'd think there'd be a fine for using the handicapped stall if you're not handicapped* he tried to hurry, but he heard the wheelchair wheel into a small stall, kind of shuffle around trying to squeeze in, and finally shut the door. At the point when Aaron felt thoroughly guilted, the bathroom door opens again and he heard shoes clicking across the floor.... Yes clicking.... As in high heels.... As in, he was in the women's bathroom....

That, my friends, is a true story. I'm still chuckling.
posted by Julie at 10:00 AM


Wow. Would you call that a "Stick foot in toilet" moment??

29/4/05 09:13  

lol. Yes. That's exactly what I'd call it.

29/4/05 09:18  

"foot in toilet" moment...
hate to think about what happens if a "foot in mouth" moment immediately follows...

29/4/05 10:48  

You are SO not funny. Look what you made me do. I dont want one of these stupid BLOG things. Took me 25 minutes just to tell you that you are SO not funny. -shakes fist-

29/4/05 16:59  


5/5/05 00:15  

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