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Monday, May 21, 2007

I've Been Meaning To Update

So, I've been meaning to update for about a week now and - obviously - I haven't. The problem is that Brian and I have a zillion pictures that I want to upload (we've finally gotten some decent use out of the nice camera Brian's parents got us for our first Christmas). But, blogger is a little sluggish with the pics and I've had a hard time having enough time to load them all. So, until I can loads some pictures I'll just tell you about what we've been up to.

Last weekend we were in Arizona. We went for Beth and Ben's convalidation. It was a really nice ceremony and we have pictures of that. While we were in Arizona we did some swimming, some shopping, some touring, some sleeping, some biking, some visiting, some churching, some eating, some crafting. It was a busy weekend. But worth it! It was a really great weekend. Poor Brian had to meet new people all weekend, but everyone made him feel at home and he had a good time too. All plane rides were uneventful (which was really nice - and slightly unexpected). On the way to PHX, we hit some turbulence and got a little car sick, but nothing major. All of our luggage was where it should have been at all times. The one glitch in the weekend was when my flip-flop broke in the middle of O'Hare airport, and Brian had to use a hat pin (that I happened to have in my purse) to fix it. That was all fine, but then when we got back to Indy, I stepped funny on my injured flip-flop and bent the pin which gauged me in the toe at which point I went bare-footed (super scary with a laceration on the bottom of my foot at the airport). So, Brian gallantly waited by himself for the luggage as I sat on a bench with my foot in my lap to keep it off the floor until I could get another pair out of my suit case.

Well, then we got home. We got home some time on Monday night and we were tired and pretty much immediately collapsed. The rest of the week we were in a cleaning/cooking frenzy because my family was coming down for my sister-in-law, Margo's, baby shower on Thursday. Then, they all promised to stay over the weekend and help us re-landscape our lawn on Saturday.

So, at 9AM on Saturday morning about 9 or so adults converged for breakfast (we made Ableskeivers - a Danish pastry, eggs, and bacon) and by 9:30 everyone was outside digging around in what appears to be the hardest clay in human history. It is very likely that the clay has actually been turned into foot deep ceramics over the year. I would jump on a shovel and - no joke - it would bounce me back off. Well, to make things horrible (because the clay isn't bad enough), we had stone flowerbeds (which I didn't like), so we had to remove three pick-ups full of stone and tear up the plastic sheets that were buried about an inch under the stones. Then we got two truckloads of top soil and put that back into our flowerbed, along with some plants here and there.

It actually turned out really cute, and I was amazed at how neighbors who have never before even waved when they drove by suddenly became friends. I think that they were grateful that we stopped ruining their resale value. :) So, now when you come to our house and we have to give you directions we won't be referring to our house as the only house on the block with only one bush in the front yard.

So, now things are back to normal.... Ish.... As normal as they're going to get. Other than the piles of towels and such that I still have to wash, I think our house is back to normal, and life is good. It's nice to have everything ugly out of the front yard, and cute little orange flowers instead. And that's about all I have to say right now. I'm going to be posting pictures of both weekends when I get a chance.
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I can relate to digging in clay...
In Phoenix, the clay is so dry and hard that I swung a pickaxe and it just bounced. Ouch.

Yay for landscaping!

25/5/07 12:48  

You should see my backyard for clay since I moved to IN... Landscaping has been so much fun. I miss Michigan soil. Do you think anyone would mind if I just took a BUNCH of Michigan soil...:)

26/5/07 22:25  

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