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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Reasons Why I Hate Spring

  1. Yesterday
  2. Today
  3. Tomorrow
  4. Saturday

We've have a light dusting (and getting less light all the time) of snow that made it through the "warmest" part of the day unscathed and it's supposed to snow every day until Sunday. Gr. Tuesday was beautiful and warm - it was at least 70ish degrees. So, Brian and I went to the mall and got me a cool new spring coat (my first spring coat since... well, I don't even know how long since), some work-approved capris for the summer, and now I can't wear any of it.

Which brings to mind - springtime in Michigan is a little more violent than springtime in Indiana. I think it's either winter coat weather or no-coat weather, because for the last several years I haven't owned a spring coat and haven't been any worse for it. But now that I move to Indiana I want a spring coat, because it's more often 50-something and you need a little something without getting out the Michelin Man snow suit.

When Brian and I went spring coat shopping the other day, we had a hard time finding spring coats, because they were pretty picked over. In Michigan, stores are still trying to get rid of spring coats when they bring out the winter coats. Michigan people know better than to get a spring coat. They wear their winter coats until May when they decide they have had enough winter and will suffer through any imaginable "unseasonable" chill with a sweatshirt to prove the point that they're tired of winter and are ready for spring. So, thinking about this, I thought, "how frugal." They have probably spared themselves hundreds of dollars not buying spring outerwear.

So, the other night I was in the market for spring jacket. And I found the perfect one. It's gray and it's tailored and double breasted and has a belt, and had I a homburg and a quizzical gaze, I'd would make a very reliable private eye. I look forward to wearing it next week (I might even wear a homburg and a little suspicion). I may even sleep in it.

But, in true Michigan form, I'll be wearing my winter wear through Easter, and will most likely be stepping cautiously through snow with bright white summer sandals on and hoping to not get any snow on my toes on Easter morning. But next week it's supposed to warm up again. Thank goodness.

In the meantime, may the blessings of this holy weekend far out weigh any snow that you may get on your sandaled feet.

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I just have to try not to get sunburned in my Easter dress. And I know you think that sounds like bragging, but I promise, it's complaining.

And my mom has already refused to go back to her winter coat. I think she's been wearing a sweater. Poor sun deprived Midwesterners.

6/4/07 18:50  

Yes, it was a very holy weekend....
You would seriously look great in a homburg-headcovering...I'd avoid gazing quizzically though...that usually gets me slapped! Although, you might be able to get away with it....

13/4/07 13:53  

This particular winter has been nasty cold. I think if I would have had spring break in March, it would have been warmer than now.

Did I mention I am running away from the Michigan weather by hanging out in Phoenix? :)

13/4/07 17:21  

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