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Monday, March 12, 2007

So I Think I May Have Pneumonia

I've realized recently that well over 50% of my conversation with other people has to do either with how I'm feeling or how they're feeling. I'm even this way with my dog. I'm pretty used to living alone. Not alone, alone. Just there's not usually other people at home when I am. My last three roommates (before Brian) were on very different shifts than I was, so I spent a lot of time talking to my dog in way that may indicate that I expect him to start answering back one of these days. Now that I have a husband whom I see all the time, I still talk to Sam like he's a person. In the morning when I wake him up to take him potty, I open up the door of his bedroom and say, "Good morning, Sammers! Did you sleep well? How are you feeling today?" And every morning he jumps out of his crate and stretches and yawns dramatically. And then I'll say something like, "Hard night? Poor Puppy! Awww!" *pat, pat, pat* Every morning. This is just part of the routine. On the mornings when I'm crabby and bust open his door and say, "Com'on Sam! Let's go potty!" he looks at me with this kinda bewildered look, like, "Aren't you going to ask how I am? How I'm feeling?" So, you can see how much of my conversation (even with my pet) revolves around health either mine or my co-converser's. I've further noticed that it shows up on blog quite often. Every sniffle is recorded, every headache documented in great detail.

So, it should come as no shock then to hear my report that I may have some sort of lower respiratory concern. Brian had to leave early this morning, so I was awaken very early, but didn't get out of bed until the last possible second to make Brian's lunch and give him a cereal bar as he was walking out the door. When I did wake up to make his lunch, I immediately started coughing . Not just a morning clear-your-throat-from-sleeping-with-your-mouth-open cough, but a real, I'm-coming-down-with-something cough. It lasted for several minutes and my chest hurt so bad I thought I should go immediately back to bed. Unfortunately, I had to get up, and I had to go to work, and when I get home I have to do laundry. But hopefully, I won't actually get Pneumonia. And hopefully we'll get some sleep tonight (we didn't get much sleep last night), and hopefully I'll feel better in the morning. But just in the event that I do get Pneumonia, and that I don't get some sleep, I'm washing down my Vitamin C with a Coke (see how prepared I am??).
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I thought you considered Coke to be Vitamin C. :D
I hope you feel better soon!!

13/3/07 10:13  

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