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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Monthly Dentist Appointment

I had my monthly dentist appointment yesterday. I have problem teeth. They've been hatin' on me for several years now. I have put tons of my hard earned cash towards pacifying them, but that was still not good enough. My new dentist suggested (at my last six month cleaning appointment, six appointments ago) that I should start flossing regularly. So, my periodic (probably once a week) flossing turned into a daily habit. At my next appointment (do I have to tell you that it was five months ago?) he thought I should still be flossing more, maybe twice daily. So, I obediently floss my teeth two times every day. Even on Sundays (when I normally let things like eating right, washing my face before bed, etc slide). And yesterday I had my six-month cleaning, and my teeth were actually pretty clean. It turns out that I only need ONE appointment between this appointment and my next cleaning. The thought of even one such appointment may turn people who don't have "problem" teeth inside-out (as my mom would say). But not me, nope, I'm really happy with that. I don't know that I've had such a good cleaning in years. Since I was a manager at HoneyBaked (which is when my problems began) which was in 2003. So, after four years of paying through the nose to keep my teeth in my head, I may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I can't wait. Maybe next time I won't have any appointments in between my monthly cleanings.

Does anyone watch the TV show "Monk"? I love Monk. For those of you who do not watch it, he's an obsessive-compulsive detective. He's so fearful, he's almost non-functioning. And one thing Monk hadn't done for 40 years was go to the dentist. His assistant was appalled and made him go to the dentist to solve a case, and he had the "cleanest" teeth the dentist had ever seen. How did Monk keep such incredible oral hygiene? Flossing 12 times a day. So, this may become my new motto: When in doubt, floss, floss, floss
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DO NOT tell me what happened. I can't see the show right now. Maybe once some other shows hit their season finales, we can start downloading them from iTunes, but for now I don't want to have the "surprises" spoiled.

27/2/07 19:19  

LOL! Oh the power!

28/2/07 08:52  

But flossing is hard!
(and I'm kinda whiny today for some reason)

28/2/07 09:00  

I use one of those little flossy things because my teeth are too close together, and when I use normal floss it just cuts off the circulation in my index fingers, which if you ask me, poor ciruclation to the fingers is not a good trade off for cleaner teeth. So, I use one of those change the floss-head on a stick things.

28/2/07 10:20  

Julie: Is that their official name? *grin*

28/2/07 14:20  

Yup. In the dental isle at Meijer look for "flossy things"

1/3/07 10:26  

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