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Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentine's Quandary

Well, it's Valentine's day again (it's amazing how the dreaded holiday comes up so quickly and it feels like decades in between Christmases). Valentine's day is pretty nice actually. It's just that it's impossible to buy a Valentine's day gift for a guy. Girls are easy. A cute little bunch of flowers, some DeBrands chocolate, and they are puddles at your feet. Guys? They don't want cute like flowers, they don't want chocolate, or teddy bears holding big red hearts. So, what do you buy a guy?? I honestly need some suggestions here, people. V-day is only two days away. I had a brilliant idea of getting Brian these sweet Diesel shoes that he liked, but I could only find them in an outlet mall in Birch Run, Michigan, and when I called to see if they could send them to me, they didn't have his size (or any where near it - for that matter). So, now I'm lost without an idea and Valentine's day being the day after tomorrow. What to do. What to do.
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Well in my great romantic experience. . .stop laughing, I would say you do something related to his love language. If its gifts then maybe a new X-box game might do the trick. If it is service then some dreaded chore, or maybe just a simple romantic interlude. . .enough said on that one I think! Send me my check in the mail.

12/2/07 13:35  

here's an idea jaret did for me this year: bought a cool container, filled it with 365 things he either:
loves about me
remebers about us
or lyrics, poetry, scripture, etc. that are meaninful.

romantic and a year full of fun for brian.

12/2/07 14:03  

oh-and by the way, i had the WORST day friday because we were going out for v-day that night, and i was shopping for his gift. yes, at the last possible minute-although i'd been thinking about it for weeks. i concluded i despise holidays because they seem to be made to make me feel inadequate in the gift giving arena.
i feel your pain.

12/2/07 14:05  

As a guy, I think you would not go wrong by fixing Brian his favorite meal or some big steaks.

12/2/07 14:05  

Bake him something special? It's like chocolates, but even better, because it's homemade. OR buy yourself something to wear. You know what I mean. Better yet, do both and serve him dessert wearing the something.
I win.

12/2/07 21:31  

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