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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sam's In "Rehab"

According to the Dog Whisperer, my 10-year-old puppy, Sam has been spoiled and is in need of rehabilitation. It turns out that according to this dog trainer guy, Sam doesn't obey Brian and I because he has not recognized us as the "leader" of his "pack". Apparently it's important for dogs to know their standing in the pack, and if they don't know their standing in the pack, they will assume that they are the leader.

As any of you who know Sammers can testify, Sam obviously thinks that he's the head of our pack. What he doesn't realize is that not only is he not the head of our pack, he as at the opposite end. So, the dog whisperer would say that he need 3 things to get him back on track.
  1. Exercise (can you believe the first need of a dog is not affection??)
  2. Discipline
  3. Love

In that order. So, according to this dude, dogs neither expect now want love until they have first been exercised and then disciplined. Weird. I'm so accustom to walking in the door from work and exclaiming, "Sambo!!!!! How was your day you sweet, sweet puppy??" *pat pat pat* Turns out that's not what how you're supposed to greet your dog when you come into the house. This dog guy also says that to tell your dog that you are the pack leader you're supposed to never let the dog out of the house in front of you, let the dog enter the house before you, or let the dog walk in front of you.

So, I took the guy's advice, and I have to say, either Sam is sick, or he's getting it, because he was as docile as a kitten last night. He even left me alone while I ate at the coffee table. He just sat about 5 feet away and didn't whimper or anything. So, I think this dog guy is on to something here. I'll have to let you know how it goes with Sam's rehabilitation.

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I never thought I'd see the day that poor Sam had to go to rehab.

Spoiled - nah! Well Loved - for sure!

Hope Sam is handling his humbling okay. It sure is tuff being a dog.

17/1/07 17:05  

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