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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


  1. Bought all the Christmas decorations for 2006
  2. Started new classes (both Professional Development classes)
  3. Sam has started a new bone
  4. I'm down to three messages in my email inbox (an all-time low)
  5. I'm caught up on school work (in my own way)
  6. Brian has "warmed up" (from a frigid zero to an ice cold two) to the idea of going to my work Christmas party
  7. We have started recieving the newspaper (words I never thought I'd speak)
  8. I'm tired of leftover turkey (we have about 3 or 4 pounds of it)
  9. We have gone on an orange juice strike (we haven't bought it for weeks)
  10. I have gotten myself addicted to riddles
  11. I have learned (the hard way - might I add) never to mess with my father-in-law in Fast Scrabble
  12. I have recently switched to all Christmas music all the time (by recently I mean since the middle of October)
posted by Julie at 9:25 PM


You and Bekah...pulling out the Christmas music early. By now it is getting catchy to me. Funny thing about fast Scrabble, I taught my in-laws this past weekend and was smoked by my mother-in-law.

29/11/06 08:38  

yeah, that last too. i've even been using listening to "Kansas City's Christmas station" at work (the internet is a wonderful thing!) for a number of weeks.
My poor co-workers...I don't think they're used to people starting up the Christmas tunes just yet.

29/11/06 09:47  

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