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Monday, October 30, 2006

Word Extravaganza

A Stunning Glimpse Into The American Vocabulary Catalog!

I admit somewhat hesitantly that I read magazine covers at the check-out lines. Yes, I am fully aware that the magazines that sell in the front of the store (not in the magazine section where they belong) are complete trash. But nonetheless, I'm a reader, and I can't be expected to see words and not read them.

I am always amused at how strong the language is on some of these articles. Everyone's got never-before-seens, shocking truths, incredible secrets, etc. etc. Call me a cynic, but I expect and would even be dissapointed if I didn't see strong language on the front of check-out lane literature. What annoys me is when I see it attached to NASA' s official published slide-shows . It makes me wonder about society when the desire to be entertained is so great that pictures of Mars can not even speak for themselves but instead need to be lowered to check-out lane literature. Here are some of the actual headlines I got off of MSN:

Come on. You have to admit that is pretty stinkin' funny. I think from now on to give my life a little more pizazz I'm going to talk like check-out lane literature.

So experience the amazing thrills of the evening! Never before lived life will be exposed! Secrets of the night will be revealed in incredible REM footage! Scandalous breakfast will abandoned!

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Ah Jules, you speak to me. You really speak to me.

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