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Monday, September 11, 2006

What I've Been Doing

As most of you know, I am a proud member of the "Part-Time Employment Club". There are many benefits for working part-time. For example having more time at home. However, part-time employment can be even more hectic than full-time employment when you have multiple employers (like me). As most of you know, I'm still teaching a class at the college which meets on three week-day evenings for four hours (that's 12 hours total at the college). I also work about 10-15 hours at a children's learning center called Science Central. Plus, this week, I'm starting to tutor again for a friend who home-schools (4 hours total per week). So, altogether, I work a total of 26-31 hours a week, but spend so much time preparing for tutoring and teaching, and so much time en-route to my various duties, that I find myself quite busy. Even more busy than people who work full-time who have only one place of employment to report to for 8 hour blocks. But I think I'm starting to get the hang of my schedule (thank goodness).

Also, Brian and I are still on a redecorating frenzy. This past weekend, we bought tile for the downstairs bathroom and paint for the kitchen, so hopefully, by the end of October the only room in the house that will need to be redone is the living room (which we hardly use because we also have a family room that we love to sit in). So, I'm guessing that our urge to do the living room will be small.

So, that's where I've been. Now that I'm getting more accustom to my agenda, I will probably post more regularly.
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I'm still thinking there must be something wrong with me, as I have no desire for even one part time job.

Yay about you posting more, I miss the blogginess.

12/9/06 06:29  

Thanks for the update...when are you and Brian having a house warming party?

15/9/06 21:04  

I hear ya sister! These multiple jobs add up! I'm doing the same thing right now ....well, not the same same, but keeping busy with my jobS.
...yeah, when ARE you having that house warming party!?? ;)

4/10/06 22:17  

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