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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Brian's "Lasts"

At the Tigers game that Brian went to with his groomsmen and some of his other good pals for his "bachalor party", they kept teasing him about "lasts." This would be the last time he would go to a professional league baseball game as a single man, as an example. So, since the game was Friday night, Brian has been pointing out lots of "lasts" for the last two days. Here's some of his "lasts":
And they keep building up. So, stay tuned, soon, all of Brian's "lasts" will turn into "firsts".
posted by Julie at 10:03 PM


LAST...such nonsense really because in a "committed" relationship, are you really truly single anymore?! Committed, hmmm... interesting thought. Enjoy your days as the ceremony comes up! It is one of the best memories you'll share through the years!
The FIRSTS as a HUSBAND are sooo much more fun! :) Wait for the feeling when he introduces you to someone as his wife for the first time.

26/6/06 19:44  


I can't believe your day is almost here. What a blessing! I am so looking forward to the happy day and to see friends and family once again! God Bless and I will see you real soon. All my love to you and Brian.

Jake <><


29/6/06 16:30  

Julie!! Agh! You're wedding day is almost here!!! WOW!!! And I won't be there. :( Poo. Still waiting on the Air Force to grant me my furniture. Ugh. I hope all is fantastic and you're not stressed about wedding stuff. Believe me, once it's over, you're gonna say to yourself, "Wow, why was I so stressed out?" which hopefully, you're not to begin with...
Anyway, lots of hugs and I miss you!! Talk to you soon!

29/6/06 17:56  

Us who couldn't make it to you wedding.......WANT PICTURES!

10/7/06 16:09  

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