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Monday, May 29, 2006

Take My Word For It

  1. Don't mow the lawn in 95 degree weather with 85% humidity.
  2. One of the most fun things about weddings is getting to see what everyone picked from your registry (seriously. Way fun).
  3. Superman ice-cream makes little boys blue from head to toe.
  4. Houses are super cool when they're done but not so much fun when you're ripping painted-over plaid wallpaper off the walls of the bathroom on the hottest day of the year (w/o A/C).
  5. When a guy buys you a pair of sunglasses even though he has declared them "hideous" he's either up to something or is in love with you (or possibly both).
  6. When you recieve a present from your future in-laws of one gallon (yes - you read that correctly - one gallon) of gummy bears, you know you have made it into the fam.
  7. Warm summer nights are pretty much the best thing imaginable.
  8. TCBY + Chips + Salsa + Microwave Popcorn + Squirt does not equal dinner.
  9. The movie Ice Age is funnier the second time (especially if the second time you're watching it with Mick and Lisa and their kids).
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Gonna definately have to take your word for it on some....others though...good call!

30/5/06 12:36  

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