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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Words of Wedding Wisdom

  1. Get a planner. If you can't afford a planner, get your mom to do everything.
  2. Elope.
  3. Pretend like you're helpless and can't make any decisions. With any luck they'll stop asking for your opinions.
  4. Elope.
  5. When you're mailing out invitations, make sure to get them weighed first (that was a tip I picked up from Michelle).
  6. Elope.
  7. Whatever you engagement length there will be trauma at the end when you realize you've only got eight weeks left.
  8. Elope.
  9. Don't freak out when your best man informs you that the only free weekend between now and your wedding is now being taken by your fiance's bachelor party (mind you, it's the week before the actual event).
  10. Elope. For the love of sanity, trust me on this one. Elope.
posted by Julie at 10:47 AM


i would seriously second the motion to elope. i felt the exact same way during my engagement.

4/5/06 15:46  

ps, that was sharlin who just posted. sorry i forgot to sign my name.

4/5/06 15:47  

I really like #10.

Really, really like it.

In fact, I encourage others to use #10.

Strongly encourage.

4/5/06 17:51  

#11 - Go to Vegas. It's cheaper.

4/5/06 22:32  

Okay first of all. . .the best man was told BY the groom that that was the only date available. So step back sister 'cause the tides of justice are rolling in!

11/5/06 19:10  

Tides of justice, huh? Hmmmmmm.....

11/5/06 23:59  

I stopped blogging...but not commenting. My experience is that wedding planners mess everything up. At least as far as music goes. They tell us they'll give us cues and then don't. or they confuse the music. Mostly they act like they know what they're doing but they really don't. At least as far as music goes.

22/5/06 19:19  

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