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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hello From Indiana

started teaching monday stop been fun stop been planning wedding stop crisis occured when mom could not find return of address labels for invitations stop she found them stop many rowdy adolescent boys sitting next to me in library right now stop they smell like boys stop brian and i enjoyed tcby today stop i stole all of brians quarters for tcby stop brian did not like that stop
posted by Julie at 2:35 PM


JULIE!!! I MISS YOU!!! WRITE LONGER BLOGS B/C I FINISHED READING ALL YOUR ARCHIVES. I think I'm getting on Dan's nerves. I literally hang out with him as much as I did with you. Boredom is a bitch! Oh well. Only 3 weeks and 1 day till freedom (and poorness but oh well)! And I have a 5-day weekend coming up - playing hooky next Mon - Wed. Woo-hoo! Okay, then. I miss you! (Did I already say that?)

6/4/06 16:09  

Congrats on the day weekend. :) Have you given notice yet?

6/4/06 17:30  

You lost me when you metioned TCBY. It has been SOOOOOOO very long since I've had TCBY. If I come visit you, can we steal Brian's quaters again?

Last time I tired to go to the TCBY in the Nrothwest terminal of Detriot airport they were actaully out of ice cream! Isn't that a punishable crime?

6/4/06 21:30  


Next to Cold Stone that's the best ice cream. Put resess pieces on top of vanilla to make the best combo!!!

6/4/06 23:28  

Glad to hear you're doing well stop write again soon stop

Something funny: the word verification for my comment is:


Kind of sounds like a Texan saying Waibel

7/4/06 11:16  

Yeah, I gave notice on Friday of last week. It was awesome. And apparently there are creepy 40-year-old weirdos who are visiting your blog and my blog regularly. Does Mark Moran ring a bell? Well, apparently he logs onto our blogs every morning and reads our blogs. How he got the addresses I don't know, but I think it's weird. Jenny told me that Keith Bloominsat told her that Mark was bragging about how he loves to read all about us. Now that is creepy. That's why I wrote "To all my blog readers:" on my blog today. It's secretly dedicated to Mark. Yuck.

7/4/06 12:28  

Cameron - are you kidding me? That's weird.

Maryann and Janelle - I know, TCBY is one of the few brands of ice cream that I actually eat. Big yum

10/4/06 14:30  

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