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Monday, February 27, 2006

I Quit

Today, I quit my job. After a long chat with one of my bosses on Friday, she asked for a Letter of Resignation with a date on it. So, after chatting with Brian last night, I wrote a Letter of Resignation and told them that I would leave on or before March 29th. You may ask if I have a job. Nope. You may ask if I have any leads. Uhhhh.... kinda. You may ask how I feel. Strange, relieved for today and nervous about the future all at the same time. So, you can all hope and pray that I find something.
posted by Julie at 2:27 PM


will do!

27/2/06 17:24  


27/2/06 19:15  


28/2/06 10:36  

wow... I think I'll see it as a great big step into the next phase of your life. A good thing.
Good luck on the next step!

28/2/06 11:26  

wow! you actually did it! good job, julie. i know that probably wasn't easy...but it's over with now. :)
i'll continue to pray for your new job!

28/2/06 22:05  

still praying....

Remember Romans 8:28

1/3/06 06:36  

My boss in NY asked for a letter of resignation, and here is what it read:

Dear Boss,





1/3/06 08:26  

Aaron - LOL! I dig it! Or how 'bout: Dear boss, I quit. Respectfully, Julie.

1/3/06 12:33  

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