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Monday, February 06, 2006

Reasons Why To Avoid

This is what I learned from spending the last hour on If you are a rational person, you will run now. Flee from! You will spend your entire tax refund in one foul swoop! Escape! Save yourself!

And now, without further ado, the reasons why:

  1. It's a bit too easy to use (a.k.a. it doesn't discourage you from shopping by not pulling stuff up, not being able to find items, etc.).
  2. You will find everything of which you could possibly dream.
  3. You will find 17 different options (or maybe even 17 pages) of everything of which you could possibly dream.
  4. Everything is "affordable" (until you start buying ridiculous quantities of these affordable items).
  5. It has customer satisfaction ratings on many items.
  6. Just when you think you're finished trying to find everything of which you could possibly dream, you realize it has a "Travel" section.
  7. It has a "Deal of the day" page (I mean who doesn't need a Prague watch?? Especially when they're so cheap!).
  8. It always tells you how much you're saving. For an example, if you would like a "Prague Men's Automatic Multi-function Watch" the price you pay on Overstock would be $115.60, and it states right underneath the price:
    You Save:
    $379.40 (77%) - Which is very helpful for anybody who doesn't have a calculator handy.
  9. You can sort your search by just about anything. Manufacturer, top seller, price, latest design, etc.

These reasons and many more are reasons why you too should avoid Beware! It will suck you in. I liken it to mosquitoes to those little buzzy-bug-killers that you hang on your patio.!~~~~~ ZZZZZZZZTT! And your dead (or at the very least broke).

posted by Julie at 1:36 PM


I've been sitting in the sun all day. The problem is my windows have moyans. So is it possible that I'll have moyan tan lines?

6/2/06 14:15  


Sure, it's possible.

6/2/06 14:35  

What are moyans?

Can you buy them on

I suppose if you can't, it wouldn't be worth my time to buy some moyans to get a moyan tan.

6/2/06 16:16  

I might have mispelled them,they are those little window dividers. If you don'thave them on your windows they kinda resemble a portal into another world. It's true, your windows take on that weird semi permiable look. And possibly if you get to close to them you'll fall into another dimension which is only 2 seconds behind our current world. OH wait, that's a steven king book.

6/2/06 19:16  

By the way I'm still mad at you for doing that thing with your hand that means I keep talking all the time.

6/2/06 19:16  

You're mad at meeeeeee?...... *eye roll and doing the little thing with my hand that means you keep talking all the time* :)

7/2/06 09:19  

I just wasted over an hour of my morning on because of this post.

Dang you.

8/2/06 11:24  

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