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Thursday, January 12, 2006

My Productive Day

I am of the opinion that if you're going to be productive and make everyone jealous at how much you can juggle at one time, you should do it in spurts. You shouldn't have to maintain wonder-person status. You should be able to do it, impress everyone, and then be able to lapse back into normal life. We all know we're not wonder-people, we can't maintain such activity very long. But if you have one productive day followed by ten normal days, you're still averaging out to be more productive than the average person. Right? So, here's my theory. I have one super hero kind of day, and then I follow it with with ten or so lazy days, and I believe that this averages out to be about.... well.... Average.
So yesterday I:

Super human? It's been suggested. But honestly. All those things could legitimately take some serious time. But I managed to get it all done! Are you impressed yet? Because if you are I'd like to return back to my normal, lazy self. I'm tired! And since I did so much yesterday, I think I should be able to be lazy for a good 3 or 4 weeks now (by "lazy" I mean sitting on the couch for hours at a time only stirring to go to bed).

posted by Julie at 12:22 PM


Congrats! Now I feel like I can be lazy as well since you've done so much! :)

12/1/06 20:08  

:) Yeah, I can donate some productivity. Last night I was not so great. I took a bath. I laid on my bed literally for an hour and daydreamed, not even about anything in particular, just zoned out. And then I went down and watched TV. How's that for productive?

13/1/06 08:54  

Are attempting the whole Secretary of State experience, that alone should be enough to grant you a medal! Kudos for your awesome productivity! :)
Now, does it counnt towards productivity if every day you get closer and closer to cleaning your apartment? For example: one day you move the junk mail pile from the dining room table to the floor. The next day you go through the pile and throw stuff away. The next day the pile is moved to the hallway floor. And so on... Is that being productive?

13/1/06 13:14  

That is definitely and important step to productivity. You can't be productive if you stuff is in the wrong spots. Plus, you're kinda working up to productivity. It's like you're preparing your mind and body for the intense work-out it's going to get when you hit filing day. Consider it training. :)

13/1/06 16:19  

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