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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I Ordered My Dress

Here's the clip-out from the magazine. I thought the hat was a little much so, I didn't get that.
posted by Julie at 10:02 AM


Ohhh Juls it looks. . .so. . .hollywood! I. . .really think. . .it's. . .neat! Really. . .I hope you can fit in the pew with some of that extra stuff on.

10/1/06 10:41  

Wow... That's umm.... Pretty?? I can't wait to see what your bridesmaid dresses will look like..

10/1/06 12:27  

If I hadn't already heard the description of the dress, my heart might have skipped a few beats.

Nice find...

10/1/06 20:53  

Becs sometimes plans change you know.

11/1/06 10:06  

I thought is was from a magazine we bought when we were 10.

Glad to hear you didn't change your mind...

Nice scare tatics...

11/1/06 16:56  

LOVELY... You'll literally take everyone's breath away! :)

11/1/06 19:22  

Yikes! That is truly scary. lol

14/1/06 02:49  

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