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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I'm Cold

Here I am in Washington State. I'm about 45 minutes straight south of Seattle. It's a really neat area and I'm excited to be here, but I'm pretty sure that I will freeze to death before I get back to Michigan. They say that it's forty degrees, but I don't believe them. It's so humid that when we went to do a hazardous waste pick-up this morning all the drums had condensation on them and I had to literally use spray adhesive to get our self-stick labels to adhere to them.

Everything is dampish. My hair, my cloths, my skin, and so everything is very cold. But, I will probably live through it.

It's very pretty here, and I hope to do some Seattle sight-seeing one of these evenings, which I'm sure you'll hear all about (even if you'd rather not). So, if I don't freeze to death, I will let you all know how the rest of my week has gone. Until then...
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Um.... yeah.... I'm pretty sure all my limbs are about to fall off. So, if I don't make it back, I just wanted to say good-bye and thanks for reading my blog. And, Brian, I love you! And my family! I love you guys too.

6/12/05 15:02  

I guess this answers my question if you will be at MSU for services tomorrow. Poo. I forgot about your trip.

So I hear July 2nd is the big day. I have marked it on my calendar in big bold letters that remind me to not be in England that day!

PS..your winnings from Sundays bet should be coming in soon.

6/12/05 19:02  

Well, Jules, I know I already congratulated you in my own post but it was with several others so I thought I'd do it again on your blog. So, CONGRATS, God Bless, and say hi to Brian for me when you talk/see him next (which will probably be sooner rather than later). :)

P>S> more pics, and I would like to here more about the story!

6/12/05 20:27  

The "big day" IS July 2nd. And so help me.... if you're in England.... I'll have to smack ya. ;)

Oh! Oh! My winnings!! I LOVE winning random bets! I love, love love it!! I'll be around for Christmas Eve and Christmas (no Brian though - he has to work). But we'll have to get together. If I come up on Friday (the 23rd) after work maybe we can get together that evening.

Ash - Thank you! I'll tell him. As of yet, I don't think he reads my blog (although he should probably start or I may accidentally embarass him). ;) So I will tell him hello. Thanks for popping in, and I will tell you our "story" very soon.

7/12/05 11:16  

Hey Julie- I would love to hear your story too.. Have a great time in Seattle!! It is a fun city.

7/12/05 15:06  

Yeah drinks lots of coffee for Brian's sake!

8/12/05 11:20  

I get out of school Dec 21st so call me, I will be around.

8/12/05 18:58  

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