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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Life's Little Disappointments

  1. The end of Day-Light Savings time. (Call me crazy but I don't like it to be pitch black at 5:30PM - I like it to be pitch black at 5:30AM. I told my roommate last night that I'm going to start picketing at the state capital - which, incidentally, I only live about 5 miles from - to put an end to the end of Day-Light Savings. My sign will read "SAVE THE DAY LIGHT" - an idea from my friend, Beth.)
  2. The first week that I officially allow myself to pop in a Christmas CD when I so desire is forecasted to have highs near 70 (nothing says Christmas less than Indian Summer).
  3. My gas-light came on in Battle Creek (where gas is $2.35) instead of Lansing (where gas is $2.26).
  4. The "new guy" in the office (he's not new, he's just new to our office) plays weird new-age music that sounds like the stuff you'd hear at a message place.
  5. The first day in 3 weeks that I'm running on time, Battle Creek was sponsoring "Bozo Driver Day" on Emmett St. (which is the longest street in the county).
  6. I got to my doctor's appointment one day and one hour early (yeah, that was pretty much embarrassing).
  7. I have to stay at this joint until 5:30 tonight. >: (

Yes, life is full of little disappointments, but in the meantime, at least it will be a 65 degree, sunny day when we have to empty 2000 people out of the HDI Federal Center (do you realize how long it takes to get 2000 people out of a 13-story building? forever) for our security drill. So, that's better than last year when we spent 45 minutes in 43 degree drizzle.... that's me - always lookin' on the bright side..... :)

posted by Julie at 9:00 AM


Hey Juls are you sponsoring "Ms. Pessimistic Day"!!! You could look on the bright side and sing, "It's a tropical heat wave," rather than, "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas."

1/11/05 13:56  

So if he plays massage music, does he give massages??

By the way...your "Save the Day Light" sign idea just put "Save Tonight" in my head (don't remember the artist/band)

...yeah... 90's pop...bleh.

1/11/05 14:43  

How about "Happy Halloween" - you no longer have a job. The owner decided to close the Alpena office for Wimsatt. Yeah, it was a bummer of a night this year. Couldn't even enjoy any chocolate. Not like me, but it sucked. Like I was just telling my friend Nikki though...tomorrow is another day.

1/11/05 14:47  

Josh - I wasn't being pessimistic!!! That, my friend, is realism at its worst!!! lol.

Brooke - I haven't noticed him giving any massages. I'd ask him, but then he might realize that his CD is done and start it back up again (it just turned off and I'm hoping it stays that way).

Trace - That DOES suck. I'll have to send you chocolate enough to make up for having a crummy Halloween. That is a major "Gr."

1/11/05 15:28  

Hey don't complain about the warm weather. Pretty soon we are going to hit 6 months of winter. Haven't you ever heard of Christmas in July?

I will join your save the daylight protest. I would much rather have the daylight to enjoy when I get home from work rather than in the morning when I am stuck going to work.

1/11/05 18:57  

In Phoenix we just skip the whole daylight savings time. Weird - but true. Now it means I'm only 2 hours different from the rest of the world (well, my world) instead of 3.

You need a warning label on this blog that it may cause you to sing. First I was singing I'm Dreaming of White Christmas (the Bing way of course) and then I'm suddeningly singing some old 80's 90's tune that I really wish I would have forgotten and am scared that I remember! Thanks a lot, Brooke! :-)

3/11/05 08:35  

You are the last person I would have EVER guessed that would be complaining that the weather in michigan was too warm!!!!

Some people I'll just never figure out :-P

3/11/05 09:59  

"Save Tonight" Eagle Eye Cherry.

I have a good reason to know that song/artist. Boy...memories can sure last a long time eh?

3/11/05 15:10  

Here is something to be happy about! Me, Beth is finally back adding comments to your blogs! WHATS UP? :)

4/11/05 10:03  

Hey Girl!! What's up with you?? Call me sometime. :)

4/11/05 12:57  

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