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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Strong Incentives To Go To Work

I am really, honestly sick. I have a really congested sounding cough that screams, "I have Bronchitis!" I cough about every minute. The kind of cough that is a whole-body cough and goes in fits that last up to ten seconds. It's pretty gross. But I'm still at work. I think you all know how I feel about my job and how if I'm feeling even remotely sickish, it's time to (as my friend, Becs, says) *cough cough* "I'm calling is sick today...." However, the one time I'm actually really sick, is the time I refuse (flat-out refuse) to stay home.

You may ask why I would do such a thing? Why would I drag myself into work every morning and infest the work-force of the United States government with second-hand coughing. Well, there is a logical explanation why I'm at work and not tucked into bed with Chicken Noodle soup. I have convinced myself that I'm not sick. Yes, I have actually persuaded myself that I don't have a problem. I actually don't feel too bad. I'm not particularly tired, I have no other symptoms of illness (no stuffy nose, no fever, etc.), and other than the inconvenience of washing my coughed-on hands all the time, I have suffered no other injury.

It's obviously one hundred percent in my mind (you know what they say about your mind being stronger than your body) because I've been sucking down cough syrup like it's water, and caffeinated beverages likewise. So why, you may still be asking, would someone who clearly has no obstacle to calling off, would suffer through a family-sized bottle of Robitesson to go to work. Well, the answer (though long) is very simple:

First - I'm in a swimming class which is pretty much the highlight of my week. I LOVE to swim. And this week I had swimming both yesterday and on Thursday, and I refuse (refuse!) to not go to swimming class.
Second - This weekend is my brother-in-law's ordination in Bay City. Not only do I get to go home and see everyone, but this will be like a kick-off to the holidays for me. My entire family will be home along with many, many friends. This I can not and will not miss.
Thirdly - I'm working in the Assessment and Compliance office now and I *look over my shoulder* actually like the work I'm doing. (gasp!)
Fourth - Since I have no desire to call off, I just come in late. So, instead of working 7:45-4:15, I've been working 9:00-5:30 which is my favorite shift anyway (I actually like 10-6 the best, but alas, that's not an option).
Fifth - I need to start saving my sick leave for next week when I'm really, really, really sick from all the working, traveling, and swimming I'm doing this week (because as fun as it is to pretend like I'm not sick, it's going to eventually wear off and I will get bronchitis, walking pneumonia, or some other equally incapacitating infirmity).

But for now, I'm enjoying the fact that I have imagined away my malady. I'll keep you posted on if I can permanently imagine away my illness. If so, I'll be sure to write/publish a book about it and retire from civil service immediately.
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And really, I feel great!

18/10/05 16:24  

Lol! I think I could use some incentives...anything...really...I'll take anything right now.

18/10/05 19:42  

Yeah, it's nice to have a stong desire (as opposed to a strong sense of duty) to do something. I've never had this before. :)

PS. I've taken to having cough syrup with every meal, but instead of having a meal with a side of cough syrup, I more or less have cough syrup with a side of food. lol.

19/10/05 09:47  


...and Vitamin C for dessert?

19/10/05 12:24  

LOL! How'd you guess? :)

19/10/05 13:25  

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