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Friday, October 14, 2005

Gettin' My De-Grime On

I don't think I am the only person who feels like they need to de-grime and de-slime when they get home from work. I don't know, maybe I am, but I doubt it. Some days I feel like I wake up fresh and ready for a new day and I come to work and I get indoctrinated by all sorts of slime and grime.

You may not understand what I'm talking about, so I'll just point it out. You know how every day you hear about the guy who's having an affair with his boss down the hall, or the person who just got "walked out (by the security guards)" because he sent a video of the Iraq be-headings from his government email, or the lady who got a promotion just because she threatened them with age-discrimination if she didn't get it. You think that these things don't effect you and then you too get somehow caught up in the tide. Someone says something to you and now you know about it, or someone says something about you and now you've heard about it, but any way the wind blows you can be sure that sometime you will smell the pile of manure that you stand in for eight hours every day. That's how I felt last night. When I got home from work I felt like I needed a shower. Not because I worked out or because I have a dirty job, but because you face a lot of grime and different kinds of grime from different people and it sometimes you just plain feel gross.

It all reminds me of the billboard that's about halfway between Grand Rapids and Lansing on I-96 Eastbound that says something to the effect of "Wash off the daily grime" and it has a picture of a girl washing her face with Oil of Olay face wash before she goes to bed. And that's how I feel. Last night I felt like I needed a big bottle of Oil of Olay. To get the grime off.

It just reminds me every day what it really means to be "peculiar". Not odd. Not weird. Not freakish. Just decent. Just moral. Just one little (sometimes flickering) ray of hope in otherwise grimy surroundings.
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Strive On! I'll put you on prayer board tonight that you can continue to glorify God in the way your react to the grime and slime! luv you

17/10/05 14:27  

Juls I don't think your grimey. Slimy, perhaps but not grimey. You know I love ya. Give me a call. I won't be home this weekend.

17/10/05 18:59  

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