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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I fell off the wagon....

I had been so proud of myself. But, we all know that "pride goes before the fall". I thought I was doing so well, and full recovery was just around the corner. I scoffed at those who had already fallen. I mocked their distress and exploited their shame.

"Ha!" I cried unmercilessly. "You are a sucker!" I shook my head in scorn.

And then yesterday.......

I blame the cold weather.......
I blame the gray skies.......
I blame advertisements for planting the idea in my head.......
I blame my clean room (while cleaning I unearthed the offending object).......

In short, I blame everything and everyone but myself. I blame whatever I can to explain why I listened to Christmas music yesterday. I thought I was good to go, I hadn't listened to Christmas music for a long time..... But then, I found my Harry Connick Jr. Christmas CD, and I had to. I couldn't stop. Before I knew it, I was toolin' down the road listenin' to "Silver Bells". Then the unthinkable happened. When Harry was done I switched to Bing. Now that's some hard-core Christmas music.

I'm feeling better today (except I'm cowering in shame), but I don't think I'll have another relapse. So, I don't need to be committed...... yet.
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I'm all for it! Go Christmas music!

11/10/05 14:37  

Especially since it's Harry Connick Jr. right? :)

11/10/05 14:45  

I LOVE Christmas music!! Year round.
Seriously, what's wrong with celebrating Christ's birth year round? Without it there'd be no Easter, without Easter...where would we be??

11/10/05 15:04  

Exactly! I finally found people who agree with me! Seriously, I'll say something like, "I was listening to Christmas music the other day...." (and it's mid-June sometime) and people will give me this diseased look like I'm a lepper. I wanna be like, "Hey! It's not contagious, so back off, bub!" :) Just kidding. But people do tend to look at you with their weird eyes on when you mention casually that you've been listening to Christmas music for the last 6 months.

11/10/05 15:34  

Jewels, Jewels, Jewels.

Your making me want to fall off the wagon!!!

11/10/05 20:04  

A thought just hit me. Nothing against Christmas music at all (one of my favorite types), but why aren't there Easter carols?

11/10/05 22:17  

The Idiot's Guide to Listening to Christmas Music clearly states on page 41 that one may not listen to Christmas music before October 31.

(But, then again...Harry's version of that Happy HO, HO, HO to you song is worth possibly getting caught and thrown into jail by the CMP - Christmas Music Police.)

11/10/05 22:18  

Easter Carol: The Old Rugged Cross

We just sing it a lot when it's not Easter, that's all.

12/10/05 10:34  

Yeah, and "Up from the grave He arose!! With a MIGHTY triumph o'er His foes (he arose)!" Or that other one...... uhh.... now I can't think of it.... oh yeah.... "Chirst the Lord is Risen To-daaaaay. Ahhhhhhalelujiah!"

Maryann: Gotta love Harry. I think the exceptions are in Appendix I of the Idiots Guide. And I'm pretty sure Harry is and exception. I'll check tonight when I go home. ;)

12/10/05 11:00  

Yeah, Harry had a little something to do with it. Can I help it if the man is beautiful?

12/10/05 15:32  

LOL!..... You know how I feel about him......

12/10/05 16:54  

All I am going to say is that you all scare me alot. And I will not admit that I listen to Mannheim Steamroller or Trans-Siberian Orchestra everyday. But, if I would admit it I would say that it always makes me happy.

12/10/05 19:10  

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