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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Military Channel

Can you believe such a thing exists?? It does, and we've been watching excerps in class for the last three days now. So, here's some cool things about the Military Channel.
  1. They play neat abrasive music (
  2. They flash pictures of stuff getting blown up ever 15 seconds (sometimes they'll do two or three in a row if they want to get their point across)
  3. The narrator has a low mysterious voice
  4. They use verbs like "dominating", "striking", "attacking" (nothing passive aggressive like "controlling")
  5. They show tanks 20 feet wide driving through the suburban streets of modern day Germany
  6. They show the full body slam when people parachute out of planes. (You know how Hollywood shows a neat little run as the soldier gently lowers to the ground? That's bunk. The Military Channel shows lots of full belly slaps as troops come down.)
  7. They show military vehicles kicking up enough dust to confuse anyone as they going tearing around.
  8. They have a huge fascination with vehicles running through enough water to cover their tires (or whatever they have).

Yes, the Military Channel is a neat channel. I highly recommend it. If you need ten minutes of straight up abrasion, the Military Channel is a must-see.

posted by Julie at 1:17 PM


Not that I'm an advocate of violence, but I always liked watching the insurgents chuck their molotov-cocktails at unsuspecting passer-by's.

There's just something about watching things blow up. It's facinating.

Kinda like that saying about Kramer from the series "Seinfield":

"It is disguisting, repulsive, and offensive... yet I cannot look away."

14/9/05 17:55  

I on the other hand to advocate violence. Try to defy me aaron and see what happens.

14/9/05 18:12  

Next time you place those keys in the ignition, Douglas...


14/9/05 18:21  

Aaron and Doug: Such violence!

Julie: For some reason I can here the National Treasure soundtrack running through my head when I picture the scenes you've painted

14/9/05 22:57  

Do you have a response, Doug?

Psssst! Brooke, I'm going to start a fight between Doug and Aaron and sell tickets. *evil laugh* I will be RICH!

15/9/05 08:43  

*military music*

15/9/05 08:44  

bum bu bum BUM

I'm feeling a bit incognito

16/9/05 12:01  

No aaron and doug don't give in to HER evil "controlling" ways. Settle your differences the manly way with those boxing toys you know where the head pops up when you hit it juuust right.

16/9/05 14:07  

Aaron and I will handle this like mature adults...isn't that right Mr. pooh pooh pants?

20/9/05 14:54  

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