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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Two Seasons

I live in Michigan. No shock there. Michigan technically has 4 seasons. We have Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. But that's not exactly true. Actually Michigan has 3 seasons. Winter, Summer, and Fall (if you don't believe that Michigan doesn't have a spring ask anyone else who lives here, this May we went from snowing to 80s). And from this my own brain has resolutely decided on two seasons. Winter and Summer. There are certain events that mark the beginning of each major season, and Fall and Spring aren't so much their own seasons as they are warm-ups for the next season. You may think that this wouldn't really impact my life, but it does. And here are some ways I practice a two season mentality:
  1. Once school starts (even though I'm no longer in school) I wear winter clothes no matter how hot it is. EX. Today I'm wearing black pants and a long-sleeved button up. Very winter. The temperature is 85 degrees. Yet, I'm wearing winter clothes.
  2. Since the Fall months of September, October, and November are meant as a warm-up to Winter, I may or may not listen to Christmas music (I know, it's weird not to mention pathetic, but sometimes I just need the emotional hug that Christmas music seems to provide).
  3. I start wearing flip-flops in March, even if it's really cold, because March is the beginning of Pre-Summer.
  4. Winter angst sets in no later than November first and doesn't subside before April first.
  5. There are three events that signify the end of the warm-up to Winter, and the actual season. These include: leaving the heat on all day, the end of Day-Light Savings Time, and double shirting (this is when it is no longer warm enough to only wear one shirt at a time).
  6. There are three events that mark the end of Pre-Summer and these include: the end of the academic school year, foliage on the trees, and nights were the temperature doesn't drop below 50 degrees.
  7. Pre-Summer is the bane of my existence since it is also called "allergy season" and may look more like Post-Winter than Pre-Summer.

So, if you're wondering why I periodically listen to Christmas music in October, it's because it's not Fall, it's Pre-Winter. Or if you're wondering why I can wear flip-flops on a 45 degree day in April but not an 83 degree day in September it's because April is Pre-Summer, and September is Pre-winter. And when you're gearing up for Winter, you certainly don't want to be wearing flip-flops, now do you?

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LOL! As my mother said. You can only go bare foot in months without an "r"

...ok, she didn't. But even if she had, my dad still would have dared us to run barefoot outside around the house twice after the first frost...

25/8/05 16:14  

Land sakes child I think the constant movement from summer heat to AC is affecting that sizable cranium of yours. EVERYONE in Michigan knows there are only two seasons in MI and in much of the midwest: Winter and Road Construction.

25/8/05 20:58  

I think you forgot hunting season too.

25/8/05 21:54  

Good call on the "only go bare foot in months without an 'r'" thing. I think that's my new motto. :)

26/8/05 08:13  

I really think the only season we have is construction.

Barefoot in months without the R leaves you only 4 (May, June, July, & August). I usually can start in April and push it until October depending on what I am doing. Don't worry, I've only had frostbite once or twice. :)

26/8/05 16:16  

You're weird, but it's totally a good thing! Sorry I didn't call you back this weekend, I was in the woods camping. How many months do you think it's been since we've seen each other? Don't we go to the same church? ;)

28/8/05 22:17  

LOL! Technically. Yeah, I was actually in Detroit last weekend. And I plan on being in Detroit for much of September except next weekend. So, hopefully I'll bump into you soon. :)

29/8/05 08:12  

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