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Thursday, August 11, 2005

My Favorite heroes and Heroines

As most of you know I love stories. I love movies, I love books, and I even like TV shows that have story-lines that string from show to show. That said, I have heard, seen, and read of tens of thousands of heroes and heroines. Here's a few of my absolute favorites, which stories they came from, and why I like them.

  1. Joseph (Old testament): Because he was merciful
  2. William Wallace (Braveheart): Because he was unafraid and because he left a legacy
  3. Oscar Schindler (Who saved Jews during the Holocaust): Because he was placed on this earth "for such a time as this"
  4. Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Predjudice): Because she was clever and intuitive
  5. Phileas Fogg (Around the World in Eighty Days): Because he stepped out of the norm
  6. Abraham Lincoln: Because he stood firm
  7. Henry V (Shakespeare): Because he proved himself a man
  8. Sister Helen Prejean (Dead Man Walking): Because she didn't mince words
  9. Ethan Frome (Book by Edith Wharton): Because he was dutiful
  10. Jean Valjean (Les Miserables): Because he showed grace
  11. Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird): Because he was wise
  12. Lord Goring (An Ideal Husband): Because he's hilarious

I know I've missed some, but this is a few.

posted by Julie at 8:36 AM


Love your list, especially Elizabeth Bennett & Lord Goring. LOL. Some additions of mine...

1. David (OT) - Despite his failings he was still a man after God's own heart.

2. Stephen (NT) - Even when facing death, he still stood up for the Lord.

3. Frodo (Lord of the Rings) - Even though the task he was assigned was difficult, he saw it thru to the end.

11/8/05 10:32  

Oh, good call. Also in Lord of the Rings: Sam Wise - Because he was loyal. The was one of my favorite characters and Frodo wouldn't have gone anywhere without him.

11/8/05 10:43  

Another ad..

4. Jo March (Little Woman) - for her spunk, independence, and love for her family.

11/8/05 11:28  

Or Amy March (also from Little Women): Because she knew what she wanted. LOL! Just joking, just had to slip that in there.

11/8/05 11:59  

Beth March- Because her simplicity and childlike spirit are a reminder to be still and be grateful. And because she has my name.

Eponine (Les Mis)- Because I'm a sucker for a tragic love lorn fool.

Okay, you know what? As I was thinking of this, I've come to the conclusion that I'm a freak when it comes to which characters I like. I like Medea. Well, that shows there's at least a bit of crazy about me, lol. And poor Cassandra! I can't stand what's-her-face from the Awakening, and my whole English class loved her. I don't like Harry, but I love Ron and Hermione. But Neville Longbottom is my favorite character in the Harry Potter books. I love Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Possibly because she's like me. Am I so selfcentered that I only like characters that reflect part of myself back to me? These are big questions Julie. Big questions. ;)

11/8/05 12:14  

Gilbert in Anne of Green Gables because he's just so darn cute and the way he says sorry makes my heart melt. Where, oh where, is my Gilbert?

Anne with an E - because she had spunk and she finally came to her senses and fell in love with Gil.

Simon Peter - because he screwed but a lot, but God still loved Him and did great things through Him.

Ruth - because she was supportive and a true friend.

I ditto Julie about Sam from LOTR.

Elphaba from Wicked - because she was caring, determined, and she can sing a song to pieces.

11/8/05 12:57  

I don't know about some of yours but I agree with most of them!

Hadassah (Mark of the Lions Book) because of her sincere faith and servanthood.

Aslan (Chronicles of Narnia) because he is so like Jesus Christ.

Zach Morris (Saved by the Bell) in the end he always apologizes and does the right thing!

11/8/05 13:25  

My I don't know about was referring to have never read the book....just to clear that up!

11/8/05 13:25  

Beth: Oh yeah, I like Beth too. I still get a lump in my throat every time I see/read about her dying. And I've seen/read it, what?... a hundred times now?

Tif: Oh yeah! Totally love Hadassah in those books. She is a great written character.

Maryann: Yup, Gilbert is right up there with Darcy (Pride and Predjudice) for ultimate male romantic heroes.

11/8/05 13:57  

Rocky: because he's one of the buffest guys ever to fight onscreen...

*cricket, cricket*...

am I out of place here?


11/8/05 14:03  

LOL! I was thinking about sliding in Dalton cuz he's one mean dude to see if anyone would notice, but didn't.

11/8/05 14:11  

Indiana Jones!

(No need to say more.)

11/8/05 14:36  

Oh yeah, you're soooo right. Indiana Jones.

11/8/05 14:45  

I love Hadassah in those books too, great choice!

I agree with you (Julie & Maryann on the whole Sam thing too).

Ahh, Elphaba from Wicked - good one Mare. Brings back good memories.

If we are throwing in Indiana Jones can I make a pitch for Wesley in the Princess Bride?

11/8/05 14:52  

You totally forgot Snoopy.

HOW could you forget snoopy?

everything about him from Joe Cool to The WWII flying ace shot down behind enemy lines.

Cool dog.

11/8/05 14:56  

Dude.... Snoopy? Com'on, the real dog hero is ScoobyDo

11/8/05 15:04  

Real dog hero is ScoobyDoo? Julie, really? Where's the love for Satchel Pooch? He's the best dog there is.

11/8/05 15:29  

I gotta stick with Lassi on this one!

11/8/05 15:47  

Satchel Pooch (Get Fuzzy): Because he's so gosh-darn lovable. :) I like it. :)

11/8/05 15:47  

Tif: Doesn't Lassie die?

11/8/05 15:48  

Bob the Tomato - he totally gets overlooked by Larry the Cucumber.

Jimmy from Adventures in Odssey...and Eugene too. :-) (Connie and Lucy just plain annoyed me.)

Archie and Betty from the comics!

11/8/05 15:55  

Yeah. Poor Bob. And he puts up with that annoying song every single time they talk to Quarty. He's so patient...

11/8/05 16:29  

I think Bob is too grouchy! Now the peas those dudes are kewl! "Juaq you are one clever pea no?"

11/8/05 16:48  

I'd be grumpy too if I had to suffer through 37 takes of the scene where they play the little Quarty ditty. :)

11/8/05 16:52  

What about Calvin (as in calvin and hobbes)?!

And Esther--because she stood up for her people when it could have meant her life.

11/8/05 16:58  

Everyone loves Calvin... (except his parents and teachers and principals).... But, hey, I love Calvin! :)

11/8/05 17:23  

I love the Qwerty song! And now I'm singing it happily to myself.

11/8/05 18:03  

I vote for the French peas as well - you can't help but love them.

All time favorite Veggie tale - the French peas dropping slushies. LOL.

11/8/05 21:34  

Mare, I just got to this list, and while I agreed with many of the lists, your three made me go (inside): Yessssssssssssssssss. No joke.

I adore Gilbert(see reasons below), Anne (I aspire to be like her in my classroom--her passion for literature and her compassion for her kids), and Simon Peter (he's quite possibly my favorite person outside of Christ in the Bible--b/c he's REAL, and I can relate). Anne and Peter for the same reasons, but Gilbert because he's so stinkin' loyal to Anne with an e--he sticks around even when she treats him like crud or doesn't give him the time of day. And yea, Julie--Darcy gets in there for the same reason. :-)

And...I know that didn't really fit after all the cartoons, but...I get a little excited when we start discussion Anne of Green Gables...I had to post. :-)

12/8/05 11:27  

Mranda - Cartoons or not - an Anne conversation is always appropriate. (At least in my world.)

I totally agree with you about inspiring to be like Anne in the classroom. My favorite part about teaching is turning on a passion to literature in my students.

PS. I've always been sad that my mother didn't see fit to name me Maryann with an E - so I secretly, in my head, call myself MaryannE. That E makes all the difference. :-)

12/8/05 11:45  

Lol! You will forever be Maryanne in my book. I always wanted to be Michell with an e...oh wait. I am. *wink*

12/8/05 13:32  


12/8/05 17:24  

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