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Monday, August 01, 2005


BlogLand has a new resident! My friend, Maryann, who has "abandoned" the rest of us crazy Michigan people for the pleasantly "warm" city of Phoenix, has started her own musings. Check it out!

SIDE NOTE TO MARYANN: I finally watched "Gone With The Wind". I have to admit, it was a much better story than I was anticipating. ;)
DOUBLE SIDE NOTE TO REST: Currently, weather conditions for Phoenix, Arizona: Stinking HOT
posted by Julie at 12:28 PM


Between Gone with the Wind and Sound of Music you can just never look at curtains the same way again.

*Ooo, those would make a great dress.*

1/8/05 14:23  

Have you ever since the old Carol Burnett show where she comes out wearing a set of green curtains with the drowl rods sticking out of her shoulders? Hilarious.

1/8/05 14:23  

But then again, you're probably thinking as you read this...

"Frankly my dear, I don't give a (insert your word of choice)."

My word of choice was "toot."

We know Rhett's...but what was your's Jules?

1/8/05 14:24  

Mostly I look at dresses and think, "My gosh they would make good curtains." Has anyone else noticed the wierd material people use these days??

I can't remember what my word was that weekend! Grr.

1/8/05 14:39  

My mom's name is Maryann.

Um....that's all I've got...sorry.

2/8/05 08:56  

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