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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Day Two And Counting

Our building has not had air conditioning for two days now. It's horrific. Today, my cube is pitch black except the light of my screen and the dim orange light from the shelf lights of the next cubicle. Oh, and the little blinking green light on my CAC (Common Access Card) reader. It's pretty much driving me crazy. Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink. Yup, pretty annoying. The lights are on in the hall, and the people who don't want to ruin their eyes for some temporary relief have little shelf lights on. The curtains are shut like they are when there's either a sniper threat or a sniper drill. The building - deathly silent. Everyone must be napping. Doors are shut, fans on high, water cooler - empty. This is the closest thing to a siege as I've ever faced. And it's not a siege from some army someplace, it's like the Matrix, machines are controlling us.... Scary.

Today, July 26th, 2005 is my first year anniversary at my job. Looking back at it, I'm about to be setting a record for how long I've stayed in a job. I think another six months will do it. I have to admit, though, I thought the longer you worked at a job the more acclimated you became and the less confused you were. Well that's not true at all, I'm even more confused and less acclimated than I was my first day. Our agency is going through the largest reorg of it's existence. By Christmas our work-force will have gone from 1,100 to 800 and that's the good news.

But in the meantime, happy anniversary to me. It's hot and humid and there's no air conditioning... do you think that's an omen?..... :)
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They can't make you work in conditions like that! I'd go home. lol

26/7/05 13:41  

Ugh.... you think OSHA would have something to say about this. I just spent about 45 minutes sitting downstairs in the gym, which is surprisingly cool. I didn't work out, I just sat there in my dress cloths.

Beth - Do you think you get points on our President's Challenge thing for watching other people work out?

26/7/05 14:44  

I've gotten restraining orders....

26/7/05 15:04  

watching people work out?

26/7/05 15:19  

It's cold here today. And rainy.

Author's Note: Cold means 80s

26/7/05 16:04  

Yeah it's supposed to be like that tomorrow here. But in good ol' Michigan when we say cold, we mean COLD (ie 75 degrees). ;)

26/7/05 16:48  

Okay, I lied. I just went outside and it has to be at least 77.

26/7/05 17:05  

I was kidding...but I've seen way too many middle aged men watch college aged girls work out. Sad. When I get old...I'm gonna get real fat and drink coffee in the Olivesburg country store...where me and the other old men will talk about the old days when gas was 2.25 a gallon. But I won't be watching people work sir.

by the way...highs of 72 today....finally! Some relief!

27/7/05 08:02  

Yeah, I almost froze to death when I walked outside this morning. Right there on the spot. Like Lot's wife turning into a pillar of salt? I almost turned pillar of ice. It is majorly cold. I just checked. It's 58 degrees! Not 58 Celcius! 58 DEGREES!

27/7/05 08:22  

Not to mention that 58 Celcius = 137 Degrees. :)

27/7/05 08:23  

Our office lost power last night around 5:30 and our server crashed. They're still working on it right now, which means I can do absolutely no work until it's fixed.

So, all I have done so far is check blogs and watch birds from out of my window. It somewhat reminds me of Milton from Office Space:

"My office used to be next to the window... and I would watch the squirrels... and they were merry..."

27/7/05 09:57  

Milton was the best part of the whole movie.

27/7/05 10:32  

Hey Jules will it help to let you know that the AC is working here? I've pretty much been cool all day. I don't turn it on very high so I HAVE to use a fan to sumplement my cooling systems.

27/7/05 10:37  

Well, everyone's got their windows open today, and it's cold outside, so no.... I don't care about AC today.

27/7/05 12:25  

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