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Monday, July 18, 2005

Things I'm Pretty Sure About

I have no proof for any of these things but my Monk-like (Monk the TV detective, not the religious philosopher) intuition commands me to accept.

I'm pretty sure that:
  1. When I leave my place on the wrong side of 7:15, it takes me 50 minutes to get to work, but if I leave my place on the right side of 7:15, it takes me 40 minutes to get to work.
  2. A pen with a Koosh ball for hair, and huge googly eyes that says "We're WILD About Our Staff" is not a good indication that DRMS is, indeed, "wild" about their staff.
  3. My co-workers have been stealing my gum (I tricked them, I put Big Red in my cup, instead of my normal Orbit. That seems to have cut back on how many pieces I have left when I come in).
  4. I have enough 1 cent stamps in my drawer to send out a letter with just those (our stamp machine downstairs doesn't "deal" with pennies, so you have to put in 40 cents and then you get a 37 cent stamp and three 1 cent stamps).
  5. Carmex makes my lips weird and peely.
  6. The rule "I before E, except after C" is complete bunk.
  7. The project that I am "currently" working on is the most miserable waste of time (I have rolled my eyes over this contract more times than I can count. I think they give me stuff to straighten out that is totally sloppy because I'm a "details" *insert eye roll here* person).
  8. I have gotten less personal phone calls at work in one year than my cube-mate has gotten this morning.

Maybe tomorrow I'll write about things that I'm sure about. :)

posted by Julie at 8:25 AM


So when you compare yourself to Monk, does this mean you are O.C. to the point of being unable to function? I have seen every single episode....sadly.

18/7/05 10:54  

Not OCD as much as "intuitive". :)

I've been watching back-episodes of Monk lately (on DVD), because I saw it once or twice and loved it, and haven't really seen any for a long time.

18/7/05 12:10  

Yeah...I actually had never seen it on TV...since I don't actually get any reception in the sticks...I just happened across it one day at the Block and decided to try it...and then I decided to watch the entire series..

18/7/05 12:14  

by "the Block" I'm assuming you mean Blockbuster?...

18/7/05 12:22  

Yes. I like to kinda shorten names of places to make me appear cool. Block = Blockbuster
The fin = Fin Feather Fur (sporting goods store that I frequent)
...i'm a tool

18/7/05 12:52  

LOL. Yes, yes you are. ;)

18/7/05 13:02  

And is tool short for. . .Tool the band? They rock.

18/7/05 13:18  

They really do. But was long for i'm a tool, as in loser, as in somebody kill me before i make the entire world stupid.

But tool is a very talented band...with some highly trained musicians ( I think some of them actually majored in music.)

18/7/05 14:05  

Things I'm Pretty Sure About:

1. I should be sleeping.
2. Anyone can stumble his way through a presentation about The History of Tea in China as long as he throws in a lot of "tradition" "legend" "self-realization" and so on.
3. I should be sleeping.

18/7/05 16:12  

Legends are good...

18/7/05 16:31  

Brooke what does that have to do with the price of tea in china?

18/7/05 17:40  

I was at a church thing last night...and some kid from some church that I don't was telling a story about a chinese guy. I wanted to act all mad and ask him if he thought it was funny to make fun of Asian people. It would have been funny to me to see him squirm. Well to me. So I decided against it....he didnt' have much of a sense of humor.

19/7/05 15:50  

People with no sense of humor are my favorite people to see squirm

19/7/05 16:06  

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