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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My Alter-Ego

Since I lead a boring existence which consists mainly of work, run, chores, eat, sleep, I have decided not to bore you with those details but to tell you of my fabulous double life*. I was inspired by the Matrix (which I watched last night) to have two lives like Thomas Anderson. So, I'm Julie, Environmental Protection Specialist for the Department of Defense by day, and **Adia** (Swahili, meaning "gift") Champion of the Magnificent by night.

I think it's important to tell you the line of tremendousness of the superheroes. Superheroes, as we all know, are people just like everyone else, only - of course - more fabulous. But even Superheroes have levels. It's kinda like a caste system. There are

As you can plainly see, **Adia** is pretty stinking fabulous. That's why she has such a neat outfit. **Adia** 's outfit consists of:

It now is perfectly clear, that besides being a fantastic superhero, **Adia** (Julie by day) is also the best dressed superhero.

More tales of **Adia** to come....

*I don't actually have a double-life, I'm just undercover for the CIA.

**FSS (Fabulous Superhero Scale) is a measure of amazingness, general coolness, super-powerness, and authority-ness. Superheroes are rated by this scale from one (least fabulous) to ten (most fabulous).

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Let the formatting be a testimony to how desperately bored I have become (yes, I had to do all the Adia's individually).

13/7/05 13:34  


The Ping-Pong Fighter of the Night.

13/7/05 13:56  

Okay this is over the top. Bravismo. Did I ever tell you about my superhero powers. Yeah I have the amazing ability to loose my keys, wallet, debit card etc. and find them again just when I don't need them anymore. Oh yeah. I shouldn't be selfish and keep these powers to myself, but I figure others will just have to learn to forget on their own.

13/7/05 14:38  

Umm I just read this thing again. .. and is the speed of light faster than the speed of sound? Oh shoot never mind, details who cares anyway. Can I have the bracelets?

13/7/05 14:40  

okay... um... no wonder you're sleepy if you're being a super hero all night.

13/7/05 14:49  

Brooke - By night?? Ping Pong time is 3:00pm. :)

Josh -
Speed of Sound = 340.29 m/s
Speed of Light = 299,792,458 m/s
Ummmm.... yeah, it is (and no, you can't have the bracelets).

Beth - no kidding!

13/7/05 15:00  

Ok ok.

Adia - Ping-pong fighter by day. Superhero, Champion of Champions by night.

13/7/05 17:03  

you...have officially lost it.


oooh which Aaron am I? It just says 'aaron' whatever will you do?? bwa ha ha.

13/7/05 19:09  

Polyacrylamide, eh? You know that's carcinogenic, right? It's also kind of gooey and not really reflective ;)

I work with polyacrylamide every day, I wouldn't recommend putting it on your costume.

13/7/05 19:48  

Costume?? Costume?? I think you mean... "attire". But... but.... *sputter* Polyacrylamide is shiny! Shiny is good, right? Maybe it's only carcinogentic for you mere mortals. ;)

And A-Ron Hoff-A-Meyer, I know it's you, your last name is on your profile. LOL.

14/7/05 08:28  

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