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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Non-Stop Vacationing

I took off a traditional day for the fifth of July (since I already had the fourth off), and that day turned into taking Friday (July 1st) off as well, making my long weekend look suspiciously like a vacation. Let me tell you, it was pretty much non-stop. I vacationed so hard that I now need a vacation to recuperate. My long weekend was pretty much flippin' sweet, and now that it's over, and I'm am so exhausted I can hardly capitalize letters on my keyboard, I'm feeling extremely nostalgic - which, if I manage to work up some energy, you'll all hear about. Overall, here are some people who I specifically want to mention, just because... well, because I'm glad that I got to vacation with them. Also, I'll leave some links to Dan's website where you can find pics of the first half of my weekend.
  1. Phil and Dawn Bahr (who let us invade their house)
  2. Michelle and Kristi
  3. Brooke, Ashley, and Tommie (who drove all the way from Manhatten, Kansas just to visit)
  4. Dan (who put up with the "slap-happy" girls)
  5. Donna and Wally (for another great Wally World)
  6. Uncle Joe, Aunt Jane, and family (who drove up from Texas. I like you even though you wore Spurs attire - the entire weekend)
  7. Forrest and Betty (who came)
  8. Aunt Helen (who I beat in H-O-R-S-E)

Now, here's some pics of the first half of the weekend.

link 1

link 2 (kinda like Thing One and Thing Two - see I told you the slap-happiness hasn't worn off, I'm just awake enough to tell really bad jokes that probably aren't funny to anyone not here.... er... *glance over my shoulder*... anyone but me.)

To all a good day.

posted by Julie at 10:05 AM


Glad I got to enjoy the first half of your vacation as well! Seriously, good times :)

6/7/05 11:51  

It was a good time. Looking at the pictures and reading the log about was like I was there. Seriously. I'm so shallow I don't get much out of the events I attend in real life anyway.

I organized my shoe collection this weekend. It didn't take very long.

6/7/05 13:05  

just the two pairs?

6/7/05 13:47  

Ten actually. 13 counting sandals.

6/7/05 14:16  

dude, seriously, how did you guys take those sparkler pictures?

6/7/05 14:57  

Did your cousins wear Spurs clothing or actual spurs?

Spurs at the beach. Only in Texas.

6/7/05 15:12  

Oh, by the way Doug. I don't think I know you; I was put up to the violin comment. I was blindfolded, gagged and had my hands tied behind my back and forced to type.

6/7/05 15:16  

Ha. Yeah...I hear that way too much.
"So are you the one who plays the violin?". Which is the same as someone coming up and saying "Oh, you're one of those Chinese aren't you?"

I'm glad you fessed up...because if you hadn't I was all about ready to be up in your face. "you don't know me. You don't know nothing about me."

By the way: I don't play the violin well enough to be known for it. So when people use that as the staple of my life, it makes me uncomfortable.
I'd much rather be known for being able to do a quadruple rope jump or breakdance.

Anyway, who tied your hands and made you type?

6/7/05 15:36  

Spurs clothing. You know, memrobilia from the jerk team that beat the Pistons.

6/7/05 15:36  

Doug - Can you do either of those things? Because if you can, I would be more than delighted to introduce you to people as "the guy who breakdances."

6/7/05 15:38  

NO! I can't...and it makes me sad and angry. I look like a fool when I dance. Although, everyone in my family thinks i dance pretty well. But lets face it, not many AC events allow time to practice.

And jump rope? I can barely do one.

In closing, I'm a wuss.

6/7/05 15:41  

Don't believe Doug when he says he's really not that good at playing the violin.

Trust me... he's much worse than that.

Actually... I think he tends to down play his mad-crazy, "Dang Yo!" violin skills. Don't let him fool ya, dat boy can play! Fo' Shizzle!

He can also bring the heat with his breakdance skills.

6/7/05 15:43  

He is also Chinese

6/7/05 15:46  


6/7/05 15:46  

I'm much more into disco.

I'm a goin' home an rentin' Saturday Night Fever, and Stayin' Alive. Travolta is gonna disco me into the night.

I've got a wide Lapel shirt and Polyester Suit waitin' for me.

6/7/05 15:48  

I do like rice.

6/7/05 15:49  

I LOVE rice, especially brown rice.

I also like food.

*hunger pains set in*

6/7/05 15:54  

Run for the hills!!

WARNING: Any bustin' out of Travolta causes me to go into spasms, they tend to be

Julie: ahhh...Spurs as in the team. Man. I rather liked the mental picture conjured up by the thought of your cousins from Texas at the beach in spurs.

6/7/05 15:54  

Oh yeah! Sorry, guys, I forgot to warn you that Brooke will freak out at the slightest mention of John Travolta. Even saying his name may be too much for her. Maybe from now on we should refer to him as *whisper* "Nathaniel Greenworm". It's like code-speak, that way you can all talk about him as much as you like, and she won't know who we're talking about and start convulsing. lol

6/7/05 16:49  


*whisper* "Nathaniel Greenworm" *excitment* rocks! I don't know if he's ever made a movie that he hasn't danced in, sang in, or simply looked cool with a pair of shades.

Altough I must say, some of his more recent releases have been a complete turn off with the content, language, etc.

6/7/05 16:54  

"Nathaniel Greenworm" sure can cut a rug. Although I'm a movie-dork, I can't say I've seen too many of his recent movies.

6/7/05 17:10  

His movies a turn off? HE is what makes the movies a turn off. Have you ever taken a good look at the guy?? Even in Grease, during his prime, he makes me shudder.

...I'm feeling convulsions coming on...

6/7/05 17:10  

Oh NO! She blew our cover!!

6/7/05 17:10  

Come on now... he might not be the best looking fella out there, but as in the words of that country song "the looks-decent wagon didn't pass him by."

Plus, that boy can dance! Fo' Shizzle.

*angry at self for using fo shizzle*

6/7/05 17:20  

the WHAT wagon? LOL!!!!! Now THAT'S why I don't listen to country music.

6/7/05 17:25  

It totally passed him up! In fact, it not only passed him up, it ran over him in the process!!

6/7/05 17:46  

Brooke - I must admit... I concur.

6/7/05 17:54  

Okay, it MIGHT have caught the edge his foot or something... BUT that boy picked himself up and danced his shizzle off!

6/7/05 22:05  

I would have to agree that while he is a unique looking fellow at best, many of his earlier movies were cultural icons.

I myself have taken on the Danny Zuko persona. Wait until you see me some random Sunday wearing a black suit, pink shirt and pink socks doing the "hand jive"

7/7/05 08:35  

at best.

14/7/05 14:34  

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