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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Wally World*

If you're a Waibel by blood or married to a Waibel, you're required by threat to attend the yearly family gathering on July fourth and fifth. It started, as most good rituals do, as insipidly as possible with an invitation sent by my aunt Donna to her siblings and parents to join her family for the holiday. So, the tradition was started to go to Donna and Wally's Grand Rapids home every fourth and to follow them to the beach oh the fifth.

However, Wally and Donna have made this event the apex of every year and now there aren't as many of Donna's siblings, as there are of their children and their children's children. Indeed, this casual get-together has grown to something of an event and even boasts a theme song which is audaciously resonated every year.

Such a party as this certainly needed a name to match the sensation of its experience. Its title needed to be something that spoke of the remarkable enjoyment and yet might identify the key players. So, with the Griswold Family Vacation still fresh in her memory, my aunt Helen suggested innocently that it be dubbed Wally World. And Wally World it has been to this day.

You may wonder with what excitement Wally World is planned, and what activities have been supposed appropriate for a not insignificantly sized group of Waibels. The festivities begin after lunch on the Fourth and include (but are not exclusively) swimming, beach volleyball, jumping (on the trampoline), golfing, riding (on the four wheeler), wiffleballing, heckling, dinner, fireworking, singing, biking, swimming, volleyballing, trampolining, snacking, basketballing, four wheeling, singing, swimming, sleep. Breakfast, trampolining, swinging, beach. Boating, skiing, tubing, lunch, swimming, tanning, swimming, wake-boarding, boating, tanning, snacking, boating, tubing, home.

It is no small accomplishment to make it through these two days of uninterrupted outdoor activity without so much as a sore muscle, or burnt nose, but it is my intention to do so. So, on Monday afternoon, I with 50-something of my fellow Waibels (or married to Waibels) will be going to Grand Rapids for Wally World XXII.

*I promised an explanation. So, you got it.
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Wow, I just spent way too much time checking out that National Lampoons Vacation website. Sadly, I could repeat the majority of those quotes w/o reading the end.

(Below is the conversation between Clark and Rusty shortly after Clark jumped the "Family Truckster" off a bridge when failing to acknowlege a Road Closed sign.)

Rusty Griswold: Wow dad, we must have gone like 50 yards.

Clark: Nothing to be proud of Russ... [pauses as Rusty walks away]

Clark: [proudly] ... 50 yards...

28/6/05 15:01  

Good quote choice know that is how every parent acts when their kid leaves the room after a good yelling for something stupid they've done! Haha

29/6/05 00:10  

I'm glad I left that link to entertain you. :)

29/6/05 16:44  

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