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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Blog Themes

Have you ever told a friend/co-worker/family member about your blog and gotten a response like, "What's a blog?" Well, I had this conversation with several of my co-workers down in contracting (you know, the BRAC guys). It went something like this.

Mark: Julie, did you know that someone actually got fired for his blog? He was writing stuff in it about Google, and he worked for them and they fired him. So, what's your blog address? I couldn't get it to work. Is there any caps in it?
Julie: No. Who told you about my blog?
Mark: Joe did.
Joe: Whoops, is your blog private?
Dan: What are you guys talking about?
Joe: Julie's blog.
Dan: What's a blog?
Mark: An online journal.
Dan: You have an online journal?? What do you journal about?
Julie: Well..... I don't actually journal. It's more like....
Joe: Do you write incriminating stuff about DRMS?
Julie: I don't know if incriminating is the correct word.
Mark: You don't journal on your online journal? Do you have a theme?
Julie: Not really....

So then it dawned on me that most people who have blogs have things like "a life", or "themes". I don't really understand this. Is this "theme" like a theme party? Can you only participate, for example, if wear 80's cloths? Or devote yourself to some random group?.....................


So, then it should be an "online journal", right? A place where friends a thousand miles away can bore themselves to tears over the details of my life, right?....................


So, what is this space on the internet?.............................


Nonsensical remarks? Random observations? Absurd government employee stories? Fabulous jokes? Arbitrary bouts of nostalgia? Long, pointless stories? Endless surveys?....

Yes. All this and so much more.

So, the next time Dan asks me what a blog is I think I'll say something to the effect of, "Everything and nothing. All at the same time." (How's that for vague and yet startlingly true?)
posted by Julie at 4:25 PM


I've decided to have my blog be a 1920's theme. You can only comment if you wear lots of feathers in your hat and climb flagpoles.

15/6/05 17:43  

LOL. Or have one of those neat hairdos where your hair is stuck to your head, and is in big waves? :)

16/6/05 09:19  

finger waves, julie :D i was bored, and clicked on your name in beth's blog, hehe ~ i go through the same thing with the "what's a blog?", but i usually just tell people, "ugh, nevermind" :)

16/6/05 10:08  

Being a lot less profound than you, I generally say, an on line journal. And no one takes it any farther than that. But maybe I should have a theme too! I guess you could say crocheting is my blog theme, but I want a good one, like... um... Pirates!

16/6/05 14:33  

pirates that knit?


16/6/05 21:20  

oh my gosh julie, this blog is going to be the talk of the "water club" what if "heeeeyy" reads and goes home and kills himself? Blogs are evil and get people in trouble. I can't wait to read about all of the trouble it gets you into. :)

17/6/05 14:26  

I think people take themselves entirely too seriously. Seriously. I love the nonsensical. So keep this blog on the right track here. It should be about nothing and everything. Wait. . .that is a theme! Julie have joined the hardcore bloggers now.

17/6/05 15:44  

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