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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I Is A Math Major

I've got a great math joke for you.

Q: What did the Zero say to the Eight?

A: Nice Belt.

Isn't that hilarious??
posted by Julie at 4:02 PM


oh my. that's a funny joke. too funny.

14/6/05 16:09  

Ha! Love it! I think that falls in the Aaron Plattner category.

14/6/05 16:53  

I actually laughed out loud...


14/6/05 20:40  

I love math jokes!
I have one for you,'s funny. Really.

What do you get when you cross a mountain goat and a rock climber??

Nothing--they're both scalers!!
(see, it's funny, isn't it?)

14/6/05 22:22  

That's kinda an upper level math joke. Which makes it kinda exclusive. I think we should strive to be "inclusive" in the blog world. :)

And Dona...that joke isn't getting any funnier...but then again, I really didn't find the belt joke all that funny either...maybe I just have a broken sense of humor.

15/6/05 08:58  

Dona - I laughed. I've never heard that one before.

15/6/05 10:01  

Julie, does being an English Major leave me out of all but the most basic of math jokes?

15/6/05 13:34  

Sorry, I didn't intend to be exclusive.
But I am glad you liked it, Julie. :)

15/6/05 13:41  

what did the 8 say to the scaler?
nice goat. wannna.. um.....belt?

i don't think I told that one right

15/6/05 13:47  

Beth - No, you are definitely included in math jokes. I just knew that if I posted this one SOMEone would make mention of my being a math major, and did I learn this in college.... Naming it "I Is A Math Major" was a pre-emptive strike of sorts. ;)

15/6/05 15:44  

I actually appreciated the joke much more in person. That way I could roll my eyes and say, "yeah...I get's not funny". OK...actually it is funny...but only because it so dumb!

22/6/05 16:27  

Actually Julie, I think I busted out laughing in Latty when you told me this joke and AGAIN when I read it tonight...but then again, it might be an Ohio thing.....even worse, maybe a Mansfield thing!

22/6/05 22:01  

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