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Friday, June 03, 2005

Commentary On Last Night's Pistons Game

  1. All my life I have been working under the untrue assumption that refs were supposed to be unbiased. After last night's game, I see the deficiency in this assessment.
  2. The Pistons are a much better team than Miami. Miami should not be walloping them like they are.
  3. The faster the Pistons get back to Detroit, the better.
  4. Too bad about Dawayne Wade. *hehe* Now that was a foul. (That came out more snidely than I meant it to. Oh, and for the normal world who doesn't watch Pistons basketball, Rasheed Wallace [Pistons] slammed Duwayne Wade [Heat] and managed to injure him.)
  5. Saturday night is comin' up on us. Let's, at the very least, regain our dignity.

Go Detroit!

PS. Do any of you remember the 1989 Piston "Bad Boys"? Or are you too young?.... And not from Michigan?....

posted by Julie at 11:11 AM


I remember the "bad boys" !! I also remember Melissa Duley being a major fan :)

Lisa L.

5/6/05 07:34  

Totally had a bad boys/back2back tshirt. Monday should be exciting after Saturday's whomping!

5/6/05 23:38  

Hehehe. Saturday's whomping.... They totally needed that.

LOL, I can picture Melissa being a major fan.

6/6/05 08:47  

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