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Saturday, May 21, 2005


My friend, Holly, is getting married tomorrow. Holly has been a very important person to many of us in Detroit. There's a group of us who always count on Holly to always be there, always have a place to crash, and always be clever and witty. Well, it seems someone else has noticed how important Holly is. And now tomorrow we will kiss Holly good-bye as she starts a new life in Maryland.

Tonight, at the singing, we all joked and giggled about hair, and make-up, and how we needed to make an emergency stop at Meijer's to grab some clips for Diane's hair (Laura Plattner and I are helping the girls get ready tomorrow). We all were laughing and acting like we were having a perfectly splendid time, but in reality, we all know that tomorrow night, Holly won't live in Detroit any more. And although we are so happy that Holly has found her match, we are so sad to see her go. But tomorrow we will not let our own fears get in the way of Holly's happiness. Tomorrow is a day of celebration. A day of supreme delight. A day of excitement, laughter, and joy. So tonight I will say the things I can not say tomorrow.

God bless you, Holly. I love you, and I will keep in touch. Although I wish you could stay in Detroit forever, I am so happy for you. I will miss seeing you every Sunday. God bless you, Holly.
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Oh, dear. Now that was touching. Really. I feel for ya, Julie. We may need to take our Jane Austen movie day sooner than later here. Let me's out in....THREE WEEKS!! We are SOOO there. And by the way? Baby spoons for eating ice cream work best. It's more satisfying, kinda like reverting to your inner child or something. I'll bring some. :-P

24/5/05 23:23  

Thanks. I could really use a good Jane Austen fest. :) Nothing like "Pride and Predjudice" to bring things back into perspective. Could definatley use some chocolate icecream too. :)

26/5/05 12:33  

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