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Monday, May 16, 2005

Somewhere Between Jet-Lag and Philly

When I get emails or phone calls, the most common opening line is, "Where are you?" And it's hard to say where I am, because different parts of me are in different places. So, here's a run-down on where I am all over.

Physical Body: Battle Creek, Michigan (and my physical body isn't likin' it much. Has anyone else noticed what a cold spring we're having??)

My Mind: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (as many of you know, my uncle is really sick, and they live in Philly, so I'm trying to get out there sometime within the next month).

My Time Zone: Phoenix, Arizona (I am having a hard time readjusting to Eastern time, especially at 6AM).

My Desire: Los Angeles, California (I haven't been there for a while and was starting to hit withdrawal when my friends - Diane, Curt, Lori, and Sam - asked if I wanted to go with them. and I can't).

My Heart: Midland, Michigan (I got to see Lisa's kids the last time I was in Michigan, but I haven't gotten to see Hallie G for some time now, probably since before I went to KS).

My Daydreams: Bed

So many places, so few flights.

PS. For you KS people, I'm hoping at least some part of you wants to come up to Michigan with Brooke July 30-31. And yes, this is another shameless plug to get to hang out with you all. :)
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Never fear Julie, I'm coming do or die. And if die I do, I'll do it til I die.

16/5/05 15:09  

My physical body is at work. Everything else is screaming to be in bed.

16/5/05 15:10  

My physical body is chowing down on food. And my mental body is....liking this food! Wouldn't miss michigan for anything! Brooke...God takes me out!

16/5/05 18:41  

Hey Julie, this is your old Aunt Sue talkin' to ya. Sounds to me like you are suffering from a multiple personality syndrome if you are in so many places at once. You should just pick one and stay there. I recommend Michigan, even if it is chilly. I'd hate for you to get so far away I'd lose contact. Seems to me you don't get home enough. :-)

17/5/05 08:08  

Brooke and Tifani:
*Big grin* Will see you guys soon

Aunt Sue:
I'll be in Michigan for three whole weeks - which I haven't done since December - I'm coming up Memorial Day (you'll be out seeing Josh), but I hope to get up there again sooner than later. Detroit always likes company too. Hint, hint. :)

17/5/05 09:00  

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