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Thursday, May 05, 2005

I want to do a study sometime and see how many people actually like the place where they live. Because I really think a lot of us like making fun of the places we live more than we actually like living in them. So here's my proposal. What's your state's marketing slogan? Is it completely cheesy and/or just plain lame? Then let's brainstorm suggestions for new marketing slogans. Brooke and I were talking about this, and so I know Michigan's and I know Kansas's. If you're not from either Kansas or Michigan, leave your slogan, and we'll come up with something more... "realistic".


Actual: Michigan! Great Lakes, Great Times!
What it should be: Michigan! Where You Can Make A Living Off Pop Cans!*

Actual: Kansas! It's Bigger Than You Think!
What it should be: Kansas! It's Halfway To Everywhere!

*For those of you who don't live in Michigan, we have a ten cent deposit on our cans.
posted by Julie at 12:17 AM


Kansas: Just turn at the big red barn and cross the bridge.

5/5/05 11:44  

REAL SLOGAN: Illinois, Mile After Magnificent Mile

how absolutely corny is that?

SHOULD BE: Illinois: The Jerusalem of the Apostolic World!

5/5/05 12:00  

New York

Real Slogan: I ♥ NY

Should be: We ♥ collecting your tourism $$$, but we don't ♥ you!

Aaron (S.)

5/5/05 13:19  

H I L A R I O U S !

How bout: Illinois! At least we have Chicago!

PS. thanks for leaving your last initial, Aaron. :)

5/5/05 15:01  

Chicago is NObody's Jerusalem sister.

5/5/05 15:24  

Indiana: 'The Crossroads of America'

All two roads cross...

5/5/05 15:27  

I saw on for Illinois the other day.

Illinois: Please don't pronounce the "S"


5/5/05 16:54  

How is Indiana the cross roads of America?! I really think it should be something like: Indiana! The place where all the Michigan people get their "cool" fire works.

5/5/05 21:50  

P.S. I agree with Aaron's "Illinois". That's much more accurate.

5/5/05 21:50  

Beth and I just found Arizona's (they don't have it plastered all over their commercials, so we didn't know it off the top of our heads). I just begs to be changed.

Arizona! One Grand Adventure After Another.

That's a serious cry for help.

5/5/05 22:07  

Kansas: The first rectangle state.

5/5/05 23:54  

Kansas: We do to have all our teeth.

6/5/05 14:13  

Illinois: Land of quistofur's.... but don't that against us.

6/5/05 14:14  

Missouri: kill it and grill it

6/5/05 14:16  

Texas: Captial punishment ROCKS!!!

6/5/05 14:17  

Indiana: if yer not a hoosier, then yer a hoser.

6/5/05 14:18  

Kansas: miles upon miles of absolutely nothing

6/5/05 14:19  

Kansas: where people are shot for Wizard of OZ jokes

6/5/05 14:21  

Did you know there's a Wizard of Oz musuem??

6/5/05 19:00  

Arizona: Wastelands don't stop us!

AND... we're going to a cool yarn store AS WELL AS the cool fabric store next week.

6/5/05 20:08  

oh, the fabric store thing... that's not a motto, that's a message for you.

But it would make a good motto for me.

6/5/05 20:09  

Idaho: We have more than just potatoes. Well.... not really. But them potatoes sure are good.

(BTW - I like the Indiana Hosers)

7/5/05 13:15  

Ben came up with one.
Arizona: Check your shoes.

8/5/05 00:04  

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12/5/05 00:45  

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