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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Gonna burst if I don't brag for a sec.

While I was in Kansas, it was frequently mentioned that 'for a Northerner', I'm 'cold a lot'. And that is true. I remember chasing around outside with bare feet on a snow day (from school), and not being cold. I also remember swimming in pools that were 60 degrees and not being cold. But one year, I think my body said, "I'm tired of making you warm, why don't you make me warm for a change?" And I've been cold ever since. I can get a chill when it's 75 degrees (that's what we call the dog-days of summer in Michigan). I can pile 6 blankets on my bed, and still need socks. I can wear two long-sleeved shirts at a time and that's spring attire.

With that said, I think you all can appreciate why I need to brag for a second. At this moment at 10:19 PM in Phoenix, AZ absolutely every square inch of me is warm. Not just thawed, but actually warm. It was 92 degrees today, but no humidity. My friend Beth and I rode bikes, I wasn't overheated. I've sat in the sun; not too hot. It's been bliss. So, hello from Phoenix! I'm warming up, and will be back soon! Hope to bring some of this back with me.
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why don't you share some of that warmth with those of us who had frost advisories last night! And I'm. . .not. . .jealous. . .

5/5/05 20:50  


I wish I was in Arizona.

You probably don't know me, but I think we met in Detroit once.

Anyway, I was just in D.C. for a couple of months on rotation (I work for the EPA), and the K-staters said that I missed out when you were there because I would have had a fellow environmentalist to take some of the jokes off of me.

Just thought I would say Hi

6/5/05 00:47  

bam: lol. Almost everyone in Kansas was like, "Do you know Alan Banwert?"

12/5/05 16:44  

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