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Friday, May 13, 2005

FED Files - Volume II

The BRAC List

For those of you who don't work for the Department of Defense (which is probably all of you), I need to introduce you to the BRAC. Every year*, about this time, all military and DoD civilian installations wait with breath baited to see if their facility is on the BRAC. The BRAC List is the List of Base Realignments and closures (A.K.A. Not a good thing). If your base closes or "realigns" it means transfers, retirement buy-outs, and inconvenience for all.

According to HDI Federal Center legend, we were BRAC'd about 5 years ago. However, the state of Michigan threw such a temper fit about losing a federal center (especially when we're probably the only federal center in Michigan), that we made history and were un-BRAC'd (almost completely unheard of). So, here we are again. Friday the thirteenth, and waiting (with breath baited), to hear if we, once again, are on the list. The announcement is at 10:30AM and I can tell you with great authority that the 'natives are restless'.

BRAC Central was organized down in Contracting on the first floor. They have an Atomic clock erected on the top of their cubicle dividers for the most accurate time possible, since the list will be read at exactly 10:30. Spread on their conference table is maps of the United States with pin-points on all the most likely spots to get transferred (Columbus, OH is their obviously professional conclusion). Along with mostly likely transfer spots, they have calculated the cost of living per salary ratio (Columbus, OH is the desired location for this), and have even gotten estimates of housing in and around these areas. The "BRAC Stress Management Hotline" has been emailed. Yes, Contracting is prepared. They are prepared to leave on a moment's notice. If we were BRAC'd today, Contracting would be an empty shell by Monday.

So, until Ten-Thirty AM (Eastern Time) on Friday the Thirteenth Day of May Two Thousand and Five, Contracting (BRAC Central), the HDI Federal Center, the city of Battle Creek, the state of Michigan, the United States of America, the WORLD waits with baited breath...

*CORRECTION: The BRAC is held every five years, not every year.
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so what happened?!?!?

15/5/05 22:53  

lol. Sorry, I never did say what happened, did I? We're actually not on the BRAC, which (as in my case) was a little depressing, since a lot of us want ditch Battle Creek as soon as possible anyway. It looked like an excuse. :) But on the up-side, at least we don't have to go anywhere (which can be a serious inconvienence).

16/5/05 08:14  

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