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Thursday, May 19, 2005


At work we have an "Executive Administrative Assistant" who sends out all the job announcements, building memos, invitations to activities, etc. etc. She really has a bad job if you think about, because everything that happens gets funneled through her. If a computer application is down, she has to inform the employees not only of the problem but of the resolution. I would guesstimate that I receive 50 emails from her every day.

That being said, and now knowing that she doesn't have much time to make things "pretty" or particularly clever, I have a question. Tell me what you think. She sent an email yesterday that was entitled, "Scents and Sensitivity" which discussed the need for everyone to respect each other's "sensitivities" for perfume and cologne. I immediately laughed out loud, because I thought she was using the title "Scents and Sensitivity" as a play-on-words to the book "Sense and Sensibility". But now I'm not so sure. So what do you all think? Is this a clever witticism or lucky coincidence?
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I think she's just sick of sending out 50 bajillion monotonous emails a day and needed a bit of spice in her life.

19/5/05 11:43  

So, I that cleverwordplay reaction at first too... and I think I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and stick with it.

I need to read your blog more often, I was way behind and had to go back and comment on old ones. I'll try to keep up in the future.

19/5/05 14:21  

lol. That's more like it. ;)

I have to admit if it was a lucky coincidence, it was pretty stinkin' lucky.

19/5/05 14:40  

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