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Friday, May 27, 2005


I've been tagged by my friend, Beth (Beth's Blog). So, I am supposed to make a list of ten things I've never done. Whoa. This is a challenge. I think I'm up for it. Let's see:

  1. I've never met a celebrity, unless you count Jennifer Millerwise - Dick Cheney's press secretary (except she's not really a celebrity, she makes celebrities).
  2. I've never been to NYC (or any other northeast place, come to think of it).
  3. I've never written a book - I know, most people haven't written books, but with as many times as I say things like, "I should write a book about that..." you'd think that I would written something by now. (As Jane Austen once described one of her characters, "She's almost entirely composed of ready opinions not yet shared..." Of course, a lot of mine are shared.)
  4. I never got detention in school (not that I never deserved it. I was just "smoother" than other people - or so I'd like to believe.)
  5. I've never played Chess (and I claim to be a geek...).
  6. I've never been to Cedar Point (amazing, isn't it?).
  7. I have never liked the word "gal". Or "ill" (although, given the right setting, I'll use them both).
  8. I have never owned a computer (nope, not even in college - I'm a die-hard).
  9. I never voluntarily joined a club in school (I was involuntarily inducted into NHS in high school, but as my friend Beth can attest, it just was not my bag).
  10. And the most appalling one of all: I've never slept outside over night (although I think camping sounds fun, I've never had the opportunity to completely "rough it". Can you believe I'm a native Michiganian?? I'm going to have to remedy that this summer).

And now, I tag... let's see, I tag Brooke and Dona. No tag-backs! :)

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Don't sleep outside overnight. You'll regret it, promise. The entire outside of your body will be covered in red welts.... don't do it! Ignore the voices..

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