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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I ate my Ben and Jerry's Half Baked (good call, Dona) ice cream with a measuring spoon last night, because I had just started the dishwasher, and all of my other spoons were in there.

Government civilians are extremely difficult people to supervise (ask Alan, I'm sure he sees this all the time).

The Pistons won.

The Meijer on M-50 doesn't carry my kind of yogurt (who eats that tasteless fat free yogurt?? Isn't yogurt already healthy enough??)

I will run a 5K this summer.

To finish knitting the front of Kate's dress by the end of Memorial Day weekend.

Our dishwasher has finally been fixed the right way and now actually washes our dishes.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when longing is fulfilled, it is a tree of life (Proverbs 13:12).
posted by Julie at 9:18 AM


I think it is absolutely hilarious that you confessed to eating your Ben & Jerry's Half Baked with a measuring spoon, AND in the same post announced your decision to run a 5K


24/5/05 14:02  

lol. Are you implying that one doesn't coincide with the other?

24/5/05 16:05  

hey, I'd NEED that ben and jerrys half baked after running a 5k.
Before running it, too....
Yep. That half baked stuff is pretty darn good. I actually think it beats ColdStone every time!

24/5/05 18:49  

measuring spoon!! hahaha. ah ha. ha.

25/5/05 08:51  

Aaron, you saw our kitchen, can you believe I squeezed every one of those dishes in the dishwasher?

26/5/05 07:55  

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