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Monday, May 23, 2005


I am celebrating today. You may be asking what I'm celebrating. Well, here's a few of my celebrations today.

  1. My trip to Piketon, OH was cancelled (this brings two incentives to celebrate: A. Piketon, OH is about 3 hours from any large city, and about a half an hour from Kentucky and B. this provides an entire week that I don't any have classes - a rarity to be sure).
  2. The Pistons are once again in the play-offs (First game is tonight, 8PM Eastern).
  3. I just got my tax returns with no glitches (have I ever told you about the year my return was sent back because the gov't had recorded my social security number incorrectly. So, I filled out the paperwork, blahdy-blah, sent it back and they kicked it back again because I forgot to sign it, so I got my return at the end of July).
  4. Memorial Day (not only the three day weekend, but my family is going to be home, so I'll get to see everyone).
  5. A rainy evening (there's nothing that says "Good night of sleep" like a rainy evening).
  6. That I haven't had a Coke today (I'm trying to cut back. Apparently pop isn't good for you).
  7. I finally worked up the nerve to write a letter to Northwest Airlines about the stuff that had been stolen out of my luggage on my New Orleans trip (yes, yes, I know that was a month ago....)
  8. I just found out that I'm up for transfer next spring (I hesitate putting this one on the list, because although I'm really excited about it, it doesn't mean I'll actually request to be transferred. It just means that I'll have that option - which I'm really excited about).
  9. I am officially unpacked (I have absolutely nothing in any of my bags/luggage. Nor do I have anything that was once in a bag/luggage on the floor of my bedroom - that proved to be a harder skill to master).

So how shall I celebrate? Good question, thanks for asking. I think I will celebrate with some Ben and Jerry's ice cream (my Coke replacement), in my pajamas, skipping my run, and watching the Pistons' first game. Oh yeah, and my good night of sleep. I'm getting a good night of sleep too (definition of a good night of sleep: Eight solid, uninterrupted hours).

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may I suggest Ben & Jerry's "Half baked"... it's the best!

23/5/05 16:42  


23/5/05 18:03  

ceeell-a-brate good times, COME ON!

24/5/05 09:07  

Great, now I've got that song stuck in my head. Thanks. :)

24/5/05 10:43  

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