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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Things I Wonder About

  1. If you multi-task three things at once, is your stress tripled? I wonder this because I'm a multi-tasking addict. Point in case, this morning, I found myself driving, talking on my cell phone, eating breakfast, and playing with my radio station all at the same time. Now, was I four times as stressed out as I would have been if I were just driving? Hmmmm.... I should find a study on that....
  2. There are people who actually capture stray cats, and go to get them neutered. Is it just me or is this seriously disturbing (I heard about it on NPR while I was finishing my breakfast and driving to work)?
  3. If you live on the east coast (Eastern Time Zone) and you move to the west coast (Mountain Time), would you get to live the three extra hours that gained when moving out there?
  4. What happened to the Brat Pack?? Besides Demi Moore, they have all one-by-one slipped into oblivion. (For those of you who don't remember or are too young to remember, the Brat Pack is Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, and Ally Sheedy.)
  5. Speaking of the 80's, when, why, and how did leg-warmers and gaudy metallic purses come back into style?
  6. Who was the original Christian Singer/Band? At what point did someone say, "Huh, everyone else is making albums; since I'm a Christian, why don't I make a Christian Album?" (I've been wondering this for a long time.)

Just in case you were concerned, I do not lose sleep over these questions...

posted by Julie at 8:25 AM


STRESS! I've already lost sleep that I haven't had yet! Ack!

2/6/05 10:13  

lol. I know... I know... it's rough being curious.

2/6/05 10:30  

people who capture stray cats and get them neutered are good people

2/6/05 12:20  

mountain time is just two hours. pacific time is the west coast. And I haven't figured out yet if I would get the extra time, but I know I'll just have to give it up when I move back someday when I'm old anyway.

2/6/05 12:21  

Elvis. Elvis was the first Christian singer. I'm sure you've heard it.

2/6/05 12:28  

1. Interesting, I don't necessarily think that nuetering a stray is really helping them much since they're still exposed to the year-round elements after being released after the procedure.
2. Ah Yes, "Pacific Time". As soon as I published it I was like, "No, Mountain Time is where COLORADO is." But then I couldn't think of Pacific time.
3. Good call on the Elvis thing. I forgot that he published a Christian album.

2/6/05 13:00  

Yeah, that's true, but really, that way there's not more strays. That's the point really.

2/6/05 13:41  

Or better yet when did the whole term "Christian Music" come into being. When did it become an "industry?"

2/6/05 15:38  

Now we wax philisophical...

2/6/05 16:05  

I hate waxing...
specially my legs.

subject change: the first neutered cats to listen to all of elvis christian albums and start up the industry were actually stray and living just fine in the harsh elements.

Actually they perfered it. Execpt for the neutering part. I wonder if.... NOPE. Stopping there.

2/6/05 16:28  

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